"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Friday, July 6, 2018


We’ve spent most of a week here in Denali National Park.  One more day, and we leave for points South.  Not sure where we’re headed from here other than it’s toward the Kenai Peninsula.  Our time here has been spent sightseeing and visiting with friends from Arizona, Florida, and Kentucky.

On Wednesday the 4th, We took the bus tour to the end of the road in Denali.  We spotted Red fox, Grizzly Bear, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Snowshoe Hares, Short Eared Owls, Moose,  and  Golden Eagles. We probably saw something else but my memory fades.

Below are various photos of our trip, and our time in Denali.  No real order of the pictures, which are a few of many. 

Also, The Mountain(Denali) was in full view most of the day.

20180704_101226 (Medium)

20180704_101236 (Medium)

20180704_101249 (Medium)

IMG_0668 (Medium)

IMG_0664 (Medium)

IMG_2941 (Medium)

IMG_2939 (Medium)

IMG_2940 (Medium)

IMG_0704 (Medium)

IMG_0834 (Medium)

IMG_0706 (Medium)

IMG_0781 (Medium)

IMG_0798 (Medium)

IMG_0717 (Medium)

IMG_0838 (Medium)

IMG_0681 (Medium)

20180704_103143 (Medium)

IMG_0847 (Medium)

IMG_0769 (Medium)

IMG_0770 (Medium)

IMG_0772 (Medium)

IMG_0806 (Medium)

A quilt in one of the visitor centers along the road.

20180704_143935 (Medium)

20180704_144015 (Medium)

20180704_123422 (Medium)

We dog set one day for friends as they took the tour.  They repaid the favor the next day with Sally.

20180703_083553 (Medium)

This morning we went to the sled dog kennels here in Denali.  They have a full compliment of 31 sled dogs which actually work in Winter patroling the park, as well as delivering building materials to the construction areas within the park.  They were all beautiful, and loved their work.  As the six lucky ones were hooked up for the demonstration, the other twenty five were howling and running around their houses, wanting  to  be part of the team.  All get exercised a number of times each day.

IMG_0855 (Medium)

IMG_0857 (Medium)

IMG_0863 (Medium)

IMG_0875 (Medium)

IMG_0876 (Medium)

IMG_0882 (Medium)

IMG_0887 (Medium)

IMG_0888 (Medium)

IMG_0907 (Medium)

A Swamp Donkey stripping leaves.  Was told they eat fifty pounds of leaves each day this time of year.

                        IMG_0854 (Medium)

That’s all……jc

Monday, July 2, 2018

Cantwell to Denali

Before leaving Talkeetna, friends wanted to do breakfast at the Roadhouse after listening to us talk about it.  So, after a little arm twisting(not), we agreed to go back again.

20180629_083716 (Medium)

Wanda even had the same seat as Adam, of Travel Channel fame.  She did not try to meet his challenge.

20180629_080300 (Medium)

Another friend sent me an email that she had found the ultimate roadside camp.  A huge gravel area near Cantwell that backed up to a very large Beaver pond and dam.   As we were on our way back North for Denali, we planned a stop there.  Other Casita friends had gotten the same message, so we had a mini rally.  Called it the First Beaver Dam Gathering.

20180629_141204 (Medium)

20180630_195614 (Medium)

The beavers were active, and apparently not affected by our presence.

IMG_0644 (Medium)

IMG_0646 (Medium)

Up, and over.

IMG_0651 (Medium)

Saturday was a mix of sun and rain.  We spent most of th morning in the Clam.  Some enjoying breakfast more than others.

                              20180630_101411 (Medium)

While out for a walk, I stumbled upon the most unusual cemetery I’ve ever seen.  I assume the covers are to protect the graves from predators, as the bodies aren’t buried very deep due to the permafrost.  What I found unusual was all the pastel colors.

IMG_2912 (Medium)

IMG_2913 (Medium)

IMG_2916 (Medium)

Saturday evening we were treated to another wonderful sight.  A double rainbow appeared.

IMG_2930 (Medium)

20180630_201943 (Medium)

20180630_201950 (Medium)

IMG_0636 (Medium)

IMG_0642 (Medium)

IMG_0648 (Medium)

Not the Northern Lights, but still pretty amazing.

Sunday morning we made our way to Denali National Park, and got checked in.  Moose are on the loose.

IMG_2936 (Medium)

20180702_132503.crop (Medium)

The rain followed us in, making it a dreary day.  Just right for simmering a pot of “red chicken” inside the Clam.  We heaped portions over spaghetti, and along with toasted garlic bread from the griddle, made ourselves miserable.

                            20180701_173452 (Medium)

  It was a good miserable, though, and the Clam still smells wonderful inside….jc