"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Monday, May 21, 2018

A Short Move

Saturday was a mostly cloudy, dreary day in the Tetons.  After breakfast we decided to ride around the park, hoping to see a bear or two.  First off though, was a stop to take a picture of the most photographed barn in America.  Maybe the World. 

IMG_0333 (Medium)

From there it was just a short drive to a bear jam.  Lots of folks standing on both sides of the road.  A grizzly sow with two cubs.  Only problem was she had taken refuge in the edge of some trees about four hundred yards away.  All I could get on my camera was a blur.  A gentleman there was sharing his spotting scope, so we can at least say we say them.

Jackson Lake from near Colter Bay.

IMG_0348 (Medium)

We ran across another bull moose.  This one looked much the same as the one we saw near Gros Ventre.  Only difference was this one has lost lots of hair on his back, and his skin is blue.

IMG_0370 (Medium)

IMG_0377 (Medium)

IMG_0382 (Medium)

We left Gros Ventre campground Sunday morning.  The view from the campground as we were pulling out.

20180520_092144 (Medium)

And, just up the hill.

20180520_092653 (Medium)

We were on our way to West Yellowstone for a couple of nights in a rv park.  Laundry, propane, and other assorted things to attend to.  We traveled through Yellowstone, passing Grant village, Old Faithful area, and Madison Junction before exiting at West Yellowstone, MT.

There’s still lots of snow in the park.

IMG_0391 (Medium)

And, lots of Buffalo.  We encountered this small herd migrating up the highway just South of Madison Junction.

IMG_2429 (Medium)

20180520_121703 (Medium)

We eased right through them,

20180520_121718 (Medium)

But oncoming traffic was backed up for over three miles behind them as the lead driver was only following them, rather than trying to make his way slowly through.

Not much to say about West Yellowstone.  A gateway community full of T-shirt shops and lodging facilities.  We have a full hookup site with cable tv in one of the nicest facilities we’ve ever stayed at, for $35.00 a night.  Friday, it goes to $68.00 a night.  And it’s a cheaper backin……jc

Friday, May 18, 2018

Gros Ventre/Tetons

After four hard days of driving, for us anyway,  we are at what we consider tha jumping off point for our Alaska journey.  We’re in Gros Ventre (grow Vant) campground in Grand Teton National Park until at least Monday.  We have a nice site with the river just a hundred yards or so behind us.  It’s running high and muddy with snow melt at the present time.

IMG_0331 (Medium)

On our way up through Lander, and over Togwetee Pass, we found there was still plenty of snow around.

IMG_2418 (Medium)

First glimpse of the Tetons.

IMG_2419 (Medium)

Getting closer.

IMG_2428 (Medium)

IMG_2423 (Medium)

We got the trailer set up and headed to Signal Mountain Lodge to have dinner with friends that were camped nearby.  They are on their way to British Columbia for the Escape travel trailer rally.

20180517_190931 (Medium)

This morning, just down from the campground, this guy was enjoying his breakfast.  He was quite a ways from the road, so the pictures aren’t the best.

IMG_0318 (Medium)

He was a large bull, just starting to sprout his new antlers.

IMG_0319 (Medium)

Still wearing part of his Winter coat, also.

IMG_0320 (Medium)

Moving on.

IMG_0323 (Medium)

Today has been a day of rest and relaxation.  A beautiful sunny morning has now turned cloudy, with spitting rain.  Time for another nap…jc

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Chase is Over.

Day 3.  1455 miles from home

We got a later start this morning from Lakin, Kansas.  We knew we would encounter a time change and paced ourselves accordingly.  We traveled Hwy 25 up the Western edge of Kansas, all the way to Nebraska, hung a left toward Greeley, Colorado, then a right to Cheyenne, WY. I dislike driving Interstates, and love driving little red or blue highways. From Cheyenne, it was just a short thirty miles to Vedauwoo campground.  Just off I-80 Westbound.

IMG_2407 (Medium)

Big rocks all around, with Pines and Aspens scattered throughout the campground.

IMG_2406 (Medium)

Free entertainment was provided by the rock climbers across the way from the campground.

                          IMG_2403 (Medium)

IMG_2405 (Medium)

We’re in Wyoming now, and the pace will slow down considerably.  The Teton’s tomorrow or Friday.  Maybe Yellowstone for a day or two…..jc