"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Monday, February 8, 2016

Ehrenberg, AZ


We spent Saturday and Sunday at Arizona Oasis RV Resort in Ehrenberg, AZ.  Ehrenberg was once an important location on the Colorado river, but now consists of a Love’s truck stop, a combination laundry,junk store facility, and three rv parks.  I stumbled up on the Arizona Oasis last year while looking for a place to top off the battery, dump the tanks, fill up on water, and most of all, watch the superbowl.  It was a Passport America park which helped with the selection.  Of all the places we’ve stayed  through the years that bill themselves as resorts, this is the only one that fits the billing.  Located on the bank of the Colorado River, it is clean, well maintained, and has a very nice staff of employees and volunteers. Three other couples jhoined us this year.

Upon our arrival, we were told that there was a music show on Saturday night.  Tickets were $7.00, so we said what the heck, we’ll attend.  The guys name was Matt Grey, and he put on an amazing show.  He never stood still, so I couldn’t get a clear picture.


He sang Motown hits from the late fifties, sixties, and early seventies.  The Platters, Temptations, Four tops, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, James Brown, etc.  Not only did he sing the songs, he danced the moves of each group or individual.

He had folks clapping, cheering, and dancing.  A friend of ours had a heart procedure less than two weeks ago.  He was up doing the twist, as well as the Love Train.

IMG_4435 IMG_4442

The newlyweds from three weeks ago were also looking good.

IMG_4436 IMG_4437

The guys show was as good as any we’ve ever seen.  He should be in Vegas.

On Sunday we gathered back in the clubhouse for the Superbowl.  We had our own table right in front of the projection screen.  We weren’t sure if we had enough food.


We ate way to much, drank just enough, and cheered the Bronco’s and Peyton to an awesome victory over Carolina. It was a great weekend back with some of our favorite people.

Soon to be back at Dome Rock for a molded fiberglass trailer gathering…..jc

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marshall South, sculptures, and more.


Have you ever planed something for a long period of time, and then have it go haywire on you without even realizing it.  For a number of years I have been a reader of the blog, “The Bayfield Bunch”.  Seems Al has made a pilgrimage each year to an old homestead on what’s called Ghost Mountain, near Borrego Springs, CA.

I always said  if we were ever back in the area, I would make a visit.  That’s what we did on Thursday.  Only problem was as we entered Blair Valley, Wanda asked if I had my camera.  I said sure, it’s right there. Only, it wasn’t.  I had left it sitting on the table outside the door.  Oh, well.  I still have my point and shoot.  With a blinking battery icon, and no charger handy. Sad smile   The bland pictures are a combination of my phone and the dying point and shoot.

Marshall South was a unique individual.  He brought a wife to the top of a desert mountain in the middle of nowhere, and created a home.  Everything had to be carried by foot or mule up a narrow twisting trail from the desert below. 

IMG_4414 (Medium)

IMG_4413 (Medium)

There’s not much left today, but a few ruins of the house and the water system.

IMG_4426 (Medium)

20160204_110358 (Medium)

IMG_4421 (Medium)


IMG_4422 (Medium)

Cement pond.

IMG_4424 (Medium)


IMG_4418 (Medium)

To experience the vastness of the wilderness surrounding Ghost Mountain is a mind boggling experience. To see the remains from decades of work slowly returning to dust, dirt, and rust only reminds one how insignificent we are.

We took a different route back to Borrego Springs. We were on a road called Montezuma Valley heading back Eastward when we topped the “hill”.  Oh my, what a view out in front of us.  You could see for miles and miles.  Most of the Salton Sea, over twenty miles away, and beyond.  Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture, but take my word for it.  If ever in Borrego Springs, it will be worth the drive up the mountain on Montezuma Valley Rd.

After returning to Rockhouse Rd, I decided to hike one of the small canyons.  Climbed and rock hopped for a half mile or so, then decided to climb out.  Actually wound up on one of the highest hills across from our campsite.

IMG_8082 (Medium) 

The following morning we drove around the nearby countryside to view some of the sculptures.  If you were reading this blog three years ago you probably saw many of the same pictures, but it was fun to do it again.

IMG_8028 (Medium)

IMG_8032 (Medium)

IMG_8035 (Medium)

IMG_8038 (Medium)

IMG_8042 (Medium)

IMG_8045 (Medium)

This is my favorite. The gold miner.

IMG_8050 (Medium)

I love all the detail on the mule.

IMG_8051 (Medium)

Even the coffee pot.

IMG_8054 (Medium)

IMG_8057 (Medium)

IMG_8058 (Medium) IMG_8059 (Medium)

IMG_8061 (Medium)

IMG_8066 (Medium)

As we came back into town, there was a farmers market going on in Christmas Circle.  We stopped, but too late for most of the good stuff.  Unexpectly ran into three of my favorite bloggers.

Gayle, Mark, and Suzanne.  So sorry we didn’t get to visit with them more.

We’re now back in Arizona, getting ready to watch the Superbowl with friends.  Dome rock area again tomorrow or Tuesday.

Quite a week….jc

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Los Algodones and Borrego Springs


Just into California from Yuma, there is an exit off I-8 that takes you about three miles South to the Mexican Border, and Los Algodones.  It’s considered a safe location for shopping, and the crowds of people arriving at the huge parking lot on the U. S. side seemed to add validation to that.  We arrived around 10 AM and the line of vehicles arriving was a continuous stream. A typical street scene.  Dentists and Opticians were everywhere.

IMG_4397 (Medium)

Wanda wheeling and dealing. She got him down from $30.00 to $12.00 before walking away.

IMG_4400 (Medium)

After so much hard bargaining we needed refreshment.  This appeared to be a popular place.

IMG_4406 (Medium)

IMG_4404 (Medium)

A couple of these put us in the mood for more shopping.

IMG_4403 (Medium)

We purchased a stained glass window for the Casita.  Sorry, that I didn’t get a picture.  Got the girl down from $75 to $50 and made a deal.  Walked a little farther, and stopped to look at another booth with the same windows.  Guy offered me one for $45 right off the bat.  Oh well, that’s how how we roll.

The most popular shop was this one.  Drugs and liquor.  As an example, a 90 day supply of 5 mg. Crestor could be had for $60.00, no prescription needed.  Approximately $700.00 in the US without an insurance plan of some kind.  Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

IMG_4410 (Medium)

And, the self service sampling displays at the end of every aisle were also a hit.

IMG_4412 (Medium)

Our original plans were to leave Yuma on Tuesday and go up to the Kofa wildlife refuge where we stayed last year.  A weather forecast of unusually high winds, and a call from friends headed for Borrego Springs, California changed our minds.  We left Yuma and three hours later found ourselves sitting in the desert off Rockhouse road.

20160203_140443 (Medium)

Rumor had it that a serpent lived in the mountains above our campsite, so I decided to see if I could locate it. I got an early start, and of course the same guy was tagging along.

IMG_8007 (Medium)

We made our way up a nearby mountain and tried to take a picture into the sun of our camping location down below.

IMG_8008 (Medium)

After a hard climb, the creature was spotted.

IMG_8011 (Medium)

Probably a hundred feet long if straightened out.  Some said it was a Texas Rock Snake, but they are considered extinct in California.

IMG_8019 (Medium)

The serpent’s head.

IMG_8020 (Medium)

A couple of other things were also scattered around the site.

IMG_8024 (Medium)

I added my rock to the critter.  That little white one in the center of the photo.

IMG_8026 (Medium)

Having fun in the desert, and there’s more to come….jc