"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Monday, February 27, 2017

A little Mardi Gras


Throw me Something, Mister!

IMG_9806 (Medium)

Mardi Gras was something I never knew existed until my college years.  Raised in a rural area with a Baptist church at every crossroads, and no Catholics to speak of within a hundred miles, it wasn’t a part of our lives.  Terms like Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, and Lent had no meaning, whatsoever.

The biggest Mardi Gras in the Country happens every year in New Orleans.  Even though Mobile held the first Mardi Gras back around 1700, and still does today, their celebration can’t compare with the ones in South Louisiana.

Nowadays, New Orleans has become a family destination for the viewing of many of their parades.  Most of these happen during the early afternoon or evening, and folks line up all along the route to enjoy the show.

It didn’t take long for other communities to get in on the action.  Parades bring people, and people bring money.  Most every town in south Louisiana now has a parade or two.  You will even find Mardi Gras parades in our corner of the World. 

Natchez, MS has celebrated Mardi Gras for a number of years.  We thought we would join our kids there, and attend the evening parade.  It was to be my “first” Mardi Gras parade.

Getting ready on the bluff above the river.

IMG_9753 (Medium)

IMG_9761 (Medium)

IMG_9752 (Medium)

                        IMG_9754 (Medium)

IMG_9747 (Medium)

IMG_9749 (Medium)

White, black, young, old; everyone appeared to be in a happy mood.

IMG_9762 (Medium)

IMG_9784 (Medium)

Oil is still a driving force in the area, hence the name.

IMG_9785 (Medium)

Sign of past parades.

                           IMG_9787 (Medium)

Waiting on the show.

IMG_9792 (Medium)

Here they come!

IMG_9794 (Medium)

IMG_9797 (Medium)

IMG_9799 (Medium)

IMG_9802 (Medium)

IMG_9803 (Medium)

IMG_9805 (Medium)

IMG_9807 (Medium)

IMG_9811 (Medium)

The parade lasted about an hour.  It was fun watching all the people.  Most of what I caught was in self defense.  It’s difficult to see things coming toward your head while looking up into the night.

We had a pile that included hundreds of strings of beads, cups, footballs, moonpies, and assorted other things.  We gave most to the surrounding kids, and made an early exit to a nearby restaurant.  I enjoyed my first Mardi Gras parade, but the dinner was my favorite part….jc

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Winter that Wasn’t!


This is another short post to see if I can still use Livewriter with blogger.  A number of bloggers have expressed frustration with the program the past few weeks.  As I had very little to post about, I tried one photo a few weeks ago.  All seemed well, but now, we’ll see.

Very little worth writing about has happened since our unscheduled return home from Arizona.  As for that, Wanda’s mom spent 15 days in the hospital, 10 days back at her residence, and another four days in the hospital.  Thankfully, she is on the mend, and back to being her “old self”.Smile

It’s supposed to be Winter, even in Mississippi.  As of today, we have had three mornings below freezing this entire season.  Average highs the past six weeks have been in the seventies.  Our first signs of Spring, which usually appear around the end of February, happened a month ago.  Most all our azeleas started blooming then, and are now past their prime.  Here’s a few shots from around our yard. See the Casita hiding in the background?

IMG_9730 (Medium)

IMG_9731 (Medium)

IMG_9740 (Medium)

IMG_9733 (Medium)

IMG_9737 (Medium)

IMG_9739 (Medium)

The pine trees are loaded with blooms, and their pollen is already beginning to cover things.

IMG_9745 (Medium)

IMG_9743 (Medium)

Sally is so excited that Winter is behind us, she’s running around the yard like a pup.

IMG_9746 (Medium)

We took a drive to Natchez yesterday and saw Wisteria, Dogwood, and many other plants in bloom that one wouldn’t expect to see till near the end of March.  One can debate the issues of global warming forever, but I think the facts speak for themselves.  SOMETHING is going on…..jc

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Test Post

 Attempting to post a photo using Livewriter.

Al, of the Bayfield Bunch, is having problems posting photos to his blog while using Livewriter.  I thought I would give it a try, and see if I received the same error.  Appears it works the same as always for me.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Fluid Plans


I grabbed a photo from the past that sort of reflects my state of mind at present.  CarHenge, someplace in Nebraska, I think.  Around 2009.

DSCN0009 (Medium)

The last time I posted we had just finished up a great time in City of Rocks state park, North of Deming, NM.


We enjoyed a short days drive from there to Benson, AZ where we stayed overnight and visited a dear friend in the Escapee’s park.

From Benson, it was on to Tucson, and Gilbert Ray campground.  One our favorite stops on our westward journey.


We spent three days there catching up with old friends and enjoying the beautiful weather. 

On Sunday, the 15th, we made our way to Quartzite to meet up with some other friends.  Had a fun time celebrating a wedding anniversary.


Checked out some previous camp sites one story afternoon.  Down in Kofa wildlife refruge.


The day after arriving in Quartzite we received a call that Wanda’s mom had been admitted to the hospital.  At the time, things didn’t appear to be too serious. We decided to just stay near Dome Rock.  As the week progressed her mom’s health continued to decline.  On Friday afternoon, the 20th, we decided that Wanda should fly home.  We broke camp around 3PM and stayed in a RV park near Buckeye on Friday night.  Early Saturday morning I dropped Wanda off at the airport in Phoenix, and Sally and I started the long drive home.

From Phoenix, to Deming NM, to Junction TX, to Huntsville, TX, to home.  Four hard days of travel.  Sally was so tired of riding, she didn’t want to get in the truck the last two days.  I drove through rain, sleet, snow, hail, and 60 mph crosswinds.  Quite an experience dodging those tumble weeds on I-10.

Wanda has spent eight of the last ten days in the room with her mom.  Nights of little sleep, along with the stress of the situation, is beginning to wear her down, also.

As I type this, her mom is still in the hospital.  Pneumonia and other complications have really taken a toll.  Things begin to inprove yesterday and we’re hoping she gets to go home tomorrow or Wednesday.


That wraps up our Winter travel plans.  Sally and I will be happy just to have Wanda home again…..jc

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

City of Rocks


We departed home on Tuesday, the third.  A day later than planned, but the weather forecast of heavy rain and the threat of tornados for Monday had us hanging at home.  The storm came through as predicted and we had two confirmed tornados in our County.  Thankfully they were EF-1’s, and caused minor damage.

Tuesday afternoon found us at our normal first stop. Sandy Creek CoE near Jasper, TX.  After getting set up I happened to notice something in one of the truck tires. A quick trip back into Jasper looking for a tire store.  Found one with thirty minutes before closing.  They removed the tire and found a two inch screw. Removed the screw, applied a patch, and I was ready to go before five.  Twelve bucks.  I thought it was quite a deal.

From Jasper, we moved on to Cranes Mill CoE on Canyon Lake, near San Antonio.  Nice weather Wednesday and Thursday.  We made the drive into San Antonio for some shopping along the riverwalk on Thursday, and it was shortsleeve temps.  The weather started changing Thursday evening and we awoke Friday morning to a temperature of 24 degrees. On Friday, we made a Walmart run, and met some friends for dinner at a wonderful little Italian restaurant near the campground. Saturday’s low was 22 degrees, and it was 24 as we pulled out of the campground.  A good day’s drive got us to Balmorhea State Park.  A couple hundred miles short of El Paso, but a really nice place for an overnight. 

Sunday found us on the road early, again.  Bypassed El Paso to the North, and made our way to City of Rocks state park north of Demings, NM.  Our first time here.  A very unusual geological formation in the middle of nowhere.

We had a beautiful spot back in the rocks for Sunday night. 


Though the park is a couple thousand acres, I would think the main boulder field to be about forty acres.  Oh, to be a kid again and have this place to play in.

IMG_0683 (Medium)

IMG_0697 (Medium)

IMG_0698 (Medium)

IMG_0700 (Medium)

IMG_0701 (Medium)

IMG_0703 (Medium)

IMG_0705 (Medium)

Holes used by Native Americans for grinding grain.

IMG_0708 (Medium)

IMG_0709 (Medium)

The ancients also left a few other reminders of their time here, if you knew where to look.

IMG_0716 (Medium) IMG_0717 (Medium)

IMG_0718 (Medium) IMG_0719 (Medium)

IMG_0721 (Medium)

On Monday morning we lucked out and got one of the eight electric sites.  We wanted it so we could watch the championship game between Alabama and Clemson.

After getting set up in our new site, I headed out for a hike.  Going up there!

IMG_0676 (Medium)

It didn’t take long for the trail to get real.

IMG_0677 (Medium)

Desert water hole.

IMG_0678 (Medium)

Gaining altitude.

IMG_0681 (Medium)

Another water hole.  Large round pads, no claws, Mountain lion?

IMG_0682 (Medium)

I made it to the top.  A good start for 2017.

IMG_0688 (Medium)

IMG_0690 (Medium)

IMG_0696 (Medium)

Love this Country…….jc