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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dwarf Forest

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A few miles North of the town of Carrabelle, FL  exist one of natures many quirks.  A forest of dwarf cypress trees exist in what’s known as Tate’s Hell. The trees are the same as other local cypress genetically, and trees grown from their seeds reach normal size when planted elsewhere.

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Many of the trees are over 300 years old, but may be no more than six feet tall.

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The trees cover an area of approximately 20 acres, totally surrounded by pine forest.

IMG_6034 (Large) IMG_6037 (Large)IMG_6038 (Large)

There are many theories as to what caused the trees to grow as they did, but no definite answers.  Poor soil, or a shallow level of bedrock could be a factor.  Whatever caused it, it was worth seeing.  Just another example of the things you can find driving the back roads.

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  1. We missed that when we were there, very interesting:)

  2. What a neat finding. Definitely putting this on a "to see" list. Enjoy!!


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