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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Smoking on the Tracks


IMG_1382 (Medium)

As the locomotives blew through our small town of Summit, MS, grills were creating a smoky haze along Railroad Ave. 

IMG_1349 (Medium)

Sixteen teams had been up most of the night socializing, marinating their meats with secret sauces, and preparing their grills to cook the one meat that would win them a number one in category, or all four meats to have a chance at the Grand Champion.

IMG_1377 (Medium) IMG_1379 (Medium)

  All that for a plaque, some cash, and most important, bragging rights.

IMG_1341 (Medium)

Some of the fancy hardware to be found along the tracks.

IMG_1342 (Medium)

IMG_1345 (Medium)

IMG_1346 (Medium)

IMG_1347 (Medium)

IMG_1348 (Medium)

While all those wonderful ribs, brisket, chicken, and pork butt was cooking away, there was a car show lined up along main street. 

IMG_1350 (Medium)

IMG_1367 (Medium)

IMG_1369 (Medium)

A lot of familiar names from the past.  What guy didn’t want one of these back in the 60’s?

IMG_1359 (Medium)

IMG_1353 (Medium)

Or one like this later on in life?

IMG_1357 (Medium)

Remember eating off something like this?

IMG_1374 (Medium)

IMG_1362 (Medium)

Back to the BBQ.  The judging started at 11:30, and we finished around 2:30. After all the judging was completed and the results compiled, the Grand Prize winner were these guys from Georgia.


And remember all those fancy grills in the photos above?  This is the winner of the pork category.  First place bragging rights and a check; all done with a $40.00 water smoker from Walmart. 


You just have to love it……Smile


  1. Looks like folks had a wonderful time. Nice to see the simple setup win!

  2. Now that's what I call some hot fun! BBQ is one of my all time fav's! It's not always the fancy equipment that puts out the best meal...sweet win for him! Now I'm itching for a nice piled high BBQ with a big hill of cole slaw and homemade mac and cheese...guess I'll just sip on my morning smoothie!

  3. What a switch of energy....came from Kim's site, full of female energy, to this manly post full of competition, fancy machines and motors!

    Looks like a great time with lots of good food! Barbecue will be on the menu sometime this week, for sure!

  4. Oh wow. I wish John and I could have been there. What fun!

  5. Some pretty fancy grills! Looks like a lot of fun:)

  6. Sounds like a good time was had by all...reminds me of our annual BBQ event ....though ours is in mid August and a tad warm....yet we get enough applications that they have to turn some away...Summit sounds a lot like La Vernia...1000 plus change for a population, GREAT school, and SUPER folks...though I only moved here 9 years ago...I feel like its home...to me the Summit's are the REAL America....thanks for sharing...have a great week...Horst

  7. I can almost smell it. The fancy smancy cookers are for the men not the meat!


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