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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Small Egg roll..


IMG_2116 (Medium)

We managed to get in a little journey the end of last week, just before the Memorial Day crowds hit the roads and parks.  We hitched up early Thursday morning and made our way South to Bayou Segnette state park in Westwego, LA.  Located across the Mississippi River from New Orleans, it was just a short drive from the park to the free ferry which runs between Algiers and the foot of Canal street in New Orleans.  Very convenient to visit the city while staying in a quiet, attractive location.

On Friday morning we parked in Algiers and walked onto the ferry for the five minute ride across the river.  Then it was in line to get some coffee and beignets.

IMG_2061 (Medium)

Definitely worth the wait, and no, that wasn’t the tip on the table.

IMG_2065 (Medium)

After enjoying our breakfast we strolled around the French Quarter, just enjoying the sights and sounds before the crowds arrived.

IMG_2058 (Medium)

IMG_2060 (Medium)

IMG_2067 (Medium)

IMG_2098 (Medium)

We visited the original French Market for the first time in years.

IMG_2078 (Medium)

I can remember visiting an aunt that lived in New Orleans when I was young, and going to this market. At that time it was like an open air grocery with vegetables, breads, coffee, etc.  Now it’s everything, with hardly any produce of any kind.

IMG_2075 (Medium)

IMG_2089 (Medium)

IMG_2092 (Medium)

Louisiana’s famous blue dog.

IMG_2088 (Medium)

Hand painted dominos.

IMG_2082 (Medium)

A few brands of Louisiana hot sauce.

IMG_2069 (Medium)

And some gourmet favorites.

IMG_2080 (Medium)

IMG_2083 (Medium)

We took the street car named Desire from one end of Canal street to the other, and back.

IMG_2114 (Medium)

And ate way too much great food the two days we were there.

BayouSenette (Medium)

They don’t call them chargrilled oysters for nothing.

2013-05-23 18.48.30 (Medium)

Saturday morning found us sleeping in before doing a little shopping in the neighborhood of the park.  After hitting the Bed, Bath, and Whatever; Academy Sports, and of course, Harbor Freight, we hooked up the Casita and made our way back home. A nice little two day trip to clear the mind.

On another note, Wanda’s mother is doing rather well and we hope it continues.  Thanks to everyone for all the comments and well wish’s.  It means a lot, especially from those of you that we are yet to meet in person……jc 


  1. Good to see you stretching Ms Casita legs ...nice recap of the sights and almost smells of New Orleans....Happy to see Wanda's mother is doing well....."Gator Jerky"...guess I need to add that to my things to eat Bucket List...lol...Safe Journey my friend...looks like another weather system may be heading your way...Horst sends

  2. That's a long line for those beignets! Glad to hear Wanda's Mom is doing better.

  3. Mmmmmm ...... beignets!

    I thought I ran into you guys at Devils Tower last week! (Although I didn't think it could really be you). In the Visitors Center parking area, there was a Casita with Mississippi plates. Later the owners appeared and it wasn't you.

    Hoping to attempt your title photo here in the next few days. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Jerry, so glad you and Wanda were able to get out for what looks like a fun trip. The gator jerky and pickled pigs lips were a hoot! Farm-raised gator? Who knew! :)

    I'm also relieved to hear that Wanda's mother is improving.

  5. What fun! Will add that state park to my must do list....I would love to see the French Quarter again.

    Glad to hear that mom's on the mend!

  6. Oh I miss the sight, smells, food, and drinks of New Orleans. We've never had the Casita there, but we might just head that way some day!

  7. NOL is so colorful....what a special getaway! Love to visit there again...nice to know you can camp so close. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I just plain miss you guys. We need to find some balloon races in the white states you've not visited and make the map more colorful! Love you both and hope to see you soon. Glad to hear the good report on Mrs. Wanda's mom! :)

  9. As always, great pics, Jerry! You make me want to visit New Orleans again. Been at least 30 years for me. Hope to see you in Lajitas or Quartzsite in 2014. PS: Bring mass quantities of beignets on your way thru LA. :)

  10. Sounds a lot like our trip, guess we took your place on Saturday and stayed til Wednesday. We hit Cafe DuMonde 3 days in a row for beignets and coffee, and tried many of the New Orleans food specialties. Wish we crossed paths down there but perhaps we'll see you at GE&H IV.


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