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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring is Sprung; or something like that!


DSC_0431 (Medium)

You know Spring is just days away in our part of the Country, due to a very unique occurrence.  It isn’t the first Crocus to bloom, or the Redbuds bursting to life, overnight.  Nothing so peaceful and calm.

It’s the first major tornado watch of the year.  That’s how we gauge Spring’s arrival.  Two weeks ago, we were thawing out from our third snow/ice event of the year.  Today it’s 85*, with lots of juicy humidity.  A nice little cold front is approaching at fifty miles per hour.  Where and when these two systems meet later this evening could bring some fireworks.  Hopefully it won’t be as bad as the talking heads on the television make it out to be. 

There are other signs scattered around the home place.  A few trees are showing buds.

DSC_0420 (Medium)

DSC_0423 (Medium)

DSC_0424 (Medium)

Daffodils and Crocus are peeking out of the cold ground, and beginning to bloom.  Sorry to say, I don’t know the difference between one and the other.

DSC_0426 (Medium)

DSC_0414 (Medium)

DSC_0430 (Medium)

The armadillo’s have started digging up the yard.

DSC_0434 (Medium)

And, the blueberry bush’s are about to burst out in bloom.

DSC_0435 (Medium)

All are signs that Old Man Winter is on his way out.  Not to say that he doesn’t have another blow or two, just that he’s going to lose out real soon, now.  Once the first blooms appear, it seems a rush by all to play catch up.  I predict that within two or three weeks we’ll be green all over.  Just in time for Green Eggs and Ham.


  1. Terrific photos...looks like you mastered the various techniques of the D-5100... :) hope all is going well...safe Journeys on your "Green Eggs and Ham" Adventure...Horst sends

  2. -The tall flower with pointy yellow outside petals and a round horn-like center is the daff. They are in full bloom here in southern Louisiana on route 82.

  3. The buds and flowers of spring. You have captured them so beautiful here. But not the "bud" of tornado season. I pray it is a mild season.

  4. Your spring photos are a sight for sore eyes!

    I do hope the talking heads are just trying to sensationalize the weather for a good story... and that they are flat wrong!

    Stay safe... and keep those spring photos coming. I NEED them! :)

  5. And the geese are heading north!! Wahoo!

  6. OMG - I've never thought about that before! You are so right about the first tornado watch heralding Spring.

  7. It sure isn't spring in Montana--my tulips are buried under three feet of snow and there are no robins in sight!! We sure are enjoying the AZ warmth!!

  8. Oh! Forgot about tornadoes! Hope this spring is a quiet season......have not completely recovered from the tornado nightmare of 2011.

    Bring on spring!!

  9. Love the spring blooms...seeing some of that. Birds are so active...getting hammered with rain right now! Gunter Hill bound....just love that park!!


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