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Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Trinity River Called!


IMG_3806 (Medium)

After our fishing trip to Guntersville, Alabama a few weeks ago, I was pretty much bummed on going back.  The thought of a six to seven hour drive, and a repeat performance by the fish, wasn’t worth the risk. But, an almost instant report from the banks of the Trinity River in Texas, had us and rolling Wednesday morning.  The plan was for my nephew, his six year old son, and myself to leave early.  My brother planed to pick up a cousin and join us later that afternoon. 

We stopped at a local Walmart to purchase our license’s, and were on the water by 2 PM.

IMG_3787 (Medium)

Honestly, I was a bit concerned about taking a six year old on such a trip.  It’s not easy fishing, especially when the fish are biting.  But all concerns were quickly forgotten as I watched him.  He was well behaved, minded everyone, and had a blast.  To see the joy and amazement on his face made the trip worthwhile.  The fish we caught were a bonus.

IMG_3780 (Medium)

IMG_3798 (Medium)

IMG_3794 (Medium)

What we came for.

IMG_3796 (Medium)

Ready to be skinned and fileted.

IMG_3801 (Medium)

I want to help.

IMG_3804 (Medium)

The final product.  Chests full of boneless, skinless filets.

IMG_3803 (Medium)

We were in Texas only 48 hours.  Headed for home just ahead of the rain, but it caught up to us at Beaumont and accompanied us the entire way. It made for a stressful drive, but we arrived safe and sound.  Spent this morning doing a final trimming of the filets, and put most of it in the freezers.  We did try a bit for supper, tonight.  The neighbors declared it as some of the best.

It’s always good to get on the Trinity.  It’s a beautiful river that still runs clean and mostly undisturbed from Lake Livingston to the Gulf of Mexico.  Hope to visit it again, soon.

IMG_3821 (Medium)

IMG_3834 (Medium)

On another note, the egg should be rolling again soon.  We’re going back to Alabama for a music festival.  It takes place in the town of Loachapoka, AL.  Is that Lo-ah-cha-po-ka, or Loch-a-pock-ah, or ????….jc


  1. That's quite a bucket of fish! Not a big fan of catfish, but a nice haul anyway.

  2. Looks like quite a haul. I love catfish, if somebody else cleans and fillets them.

  3. What fun! I've heard both pronunciations but most commonly lo-cha-po-ka. Have you ever visited the Auburn University campus? It's so beautiful. Go after 5 for an evening stroll and you can park just about anywhere.

  4. That's a lot of fish! We enjoyed (or rather Janna enjoyed) some bass last night caught around Amarillo, TX--good stuff!

  5. Sounds like a great trip...especially seeing the "little buckaroo" hang in there with the Big Guys....looks like you got serious about putting a dent in the catfish population on the Trinity...nice that the weather held while you were there...Horst sends

  6. He will most likely always remember that trip. That is the kind of "togetherness" most families miss out on. Plus...he learned something...how to fish and possibly clean one.

  7. What a wonderful introduction to fishing for the little guy!

    Glad to see the egg is going rolling again soon. And it doesn't get any better than a good music festival. :)

  8. Looks like the little guy thoroughly enjoyed his first fishing trip! That haul definitely made his first trip remarkably memorable. Plus, I'm sure he had loads of fun hanging out with everyone. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy more moments like that again soon. Thanks for sharing the fun, Jerry! Happy fishing! :)

    Melanie Daryl @ Islamorada Fishing Source


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