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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day



A good friend, and fellow Navy Veteran, posted this earlier today.  I don’t know if they’re his words or someone else’s, but the message hits home.  But for the grace of God, someone could be reading my name on a wall today.

“Every tombstone, every name on a wall or monument represents a once living young man or woman who was someone’s son or daughter. They may have been someone’s husband or wife or sweetheart. They may also have been someone’s father or mother.  One thing that they all have in common is that they were young men and women who never got the chance to become old men and women.  We need to do more to honor their memory.”

Take a moment today to remember those who gave all for our Country.  And also say a “thank you” to those still doing their part to protect our freedom…..jc


  1. ...and a Terrific Memorial Day to you, Wanda and Family....and I thank you for your service....I remember the "60's" service as it where yesterday....in vivid "Black and White"....thanks for the weather email...we're still having storms and currently have 2 tornado's just east of us...thinking of you Guys as its all moving your way...dam just broke at Bastrop...the Dam is just north of the Campground....Mother Nature needs to take a break!!!...stay safe my Friend..Horst sends

  2. Very well said! Thank you Jerry! My niece and her family are on vacation traveling from Arkansas to Maine--yesterday they were in Washington DC and she sent me a photo of the WWII memorial. Nat was here having lunch and enjoyed seeing the photo.

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