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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Marshall South, sculptures, and more.


Have you ever planed something for a long period of time, and then have it go haywire on you without even realizing it.  For a number of years I have been a reader of the blog, “The Bayfield Bunch”.  Seems Al has made a pilgrimage each year to an old homestead on what’s called Ghost Mountain, near Borrego Springs, CA.

I always said  if we were ever back in the area, I would make a visit.  That’s what we did on Thursday.  Only problem was as we entered Blair Valley, Wanda asked if I had my camera.  I said sure, it’s right there. Only, it wasn’t.  I had left it sitting on the table outside the door.  Oh, well.  I still have my point and shoot.  With a blinking battery icon, and no charger handy. Sad smile   The bland pictures are a combination of my phone and the dying point and shoot.

Marshall South was a unique individual.  He brought a wife to the top of a desert mountain in the middle of nowhere, and created a home.  Everything had to be carried by foot or mule up a narrow twisting trail from the desert below. 

IMG_4414 (Medium)

IMG_4413 (Medium)

There’s not much left today, but a few ruins of the house and the water system.

IMG_4426 (Medium)

20160204_110358 (Medium)

IMG_4421 (Medium)


IMG_4422 (Medium)

Cement pond.

IMG_4424 (Medium)


IMG_4418 (Medium)

To experience the vastness of the wilderness surrounding Ghost Mountain is a mind boggling experience. To see the remains from decades of work slowly returning to dust, dirt, and rust only reminds one how insignificent we are.

We took a different route back to Borrego Springs. We were on a road called Montezuma Valley heading back Eastward when we topped the “hill”.  Oh my, what a view out in front of us.  You could see for miles and miles.  Most of the Salton Sea, over twenty miles away, and beyond.  Too bad I wasn’t able to take a picture, but take my word for it.  If ever in Borrego Springs, it will be worth the drive up the mountain on Montezuma Valley Rd.

After returning to Rockhouse Rd, I decided to hike one of the small canyons.  Climbed and rock hopped for a half mile or so, then decided to climb out.  Actually wound up on one of the highest hills across from our campsite.

IMG_8082 (Medium) 

The following morning we drove around the nearby countryside to view some of the sculptures.  If you were reading this blog three years ago you probably saw many of the same pictures, but it was fun to do it again.

IMG_8028 (Medium)

IMG_8032 (Medium)

IMG_8035 (Medium)

IMG_8038 (Medium)

IMG_8042 (Medium)

IMG_8045 (Medium)

This is my favorite. The gold miner.

IMG_8050 (Medium)

I love all the detail on the mule.

IMG_8051 (Medium)

Even the coffee pot.

IMG_8054 (Medium)

IMG_8057 (Medium)

IMG_8058 (Medium) IMG_8059 (Medium)

IMG_8061 (Medium)

IMG_8066 (Medium)

As we came back into town, there was a farmers market going on in Christmas Circle.  We stopped, but too late for most of the good stuff.  Unexpectly ran into three of my favorite bloggers.

Gayle, Mark, and Suzanne.  So sorry we didn’t get to visit with them more.

We’re now back in Arizona, getting ready to watch the Superbowl with friends.  Dome rock area again tomorrow or Tuesday.

Quite a week….jc


  1. Montezuma Valley Road is my favorite drive to Borrego Springs from Jojoba.

  2. OMG - there are some new sculptures - I have not seen the grape harvest. I'm inspired by your blog to head back out. But first - Go BRONCOS!

  3. Haven't done the Marshal South hike, yet. Not sure my big lumbering truckcamper should do that road. Love the sculptures, dragon is my fave. Friday market in Borrego Springs is a goodie, in the morning.

  4. Sorry I didn't get to talk to you more at Bloggerfest Jerry & only later realized it was you in the burgundy T-shirt I had a couple quick words with as people were beginning to introduce themselves.

  5. Great write-up and photo's...I do like the sculptures, though your Marshall South History Lesson intrigued me...Thanks for sharing...Horst sends

  6. We haven't made it to Marshall South's place yet. I am in the middle of doing a blog post with many of the same photos of the sculptures.
    It was nice talking to you again, and meeting Wanda. See you down the road...


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