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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Last of Cave Creek

I took lots of random photos while out hiking around the area.  I ran into a little wildlife.  Can you see them.  I thought they were mule deer,but was told they were Coues deer.  A variation of the more common white tail.

IMG_2161 (Medium)

One of the many dry wash’s that make up the floor of the canyon.  They all held evidence of tremendous flash flooding at times.  I would love to actually watch one from a safe distance.  To see and hear boulders the size of household appliances being swept downstream would have to be an awesome experience.

IMG_0150 (Medium)

Arizona Sycamore trees.  Their white bark against the red rock was quite a contrast, and their rustling leaves sounded just like a softly running stream.

IMG_0183 (Medium)

IMG_2205 (Medium)

IMG_0147 (Medium)

What’s that?

IMG_2190 (Medium)

The Civilian Conservation Corps and the WPA had quite a presence in the area in the years preceeding WWII.  They built buildings, constructed roads and trails, and many other things.  This is one of their dynamite bunkers.  Notice how they used the huge boulder for the roof and sides?

IMG_2187 (Medium)

IMG_2188 (Medium)

I had to take a peek inside.

IMG_2189 (Medium)

Sally spots another one.

IMG_2191 (Medium)

Larger than the first, it used a huge boulder for one side.  Some of the old shelving was still on the floor.

IMG_2192 (Medium)

IMG_2195 (Medium)

Amazing rock work.  I bet the teenagers that constructed this never dreamed it would be here eighty years later, still in great condition.

IMG_2196 (Medium)

They not only did heavy construction.  This is a scale model of the Coronado National Forest.  Built of paper mache.

IMG_0179 (Medium)

Contours and elevations in perfect scale.

IMG_0181 (Medium)

IMG_0182 (Medium)

We had a great three days there.  I would recommend a visit if ever in the area.  We’re now in Benson, visiting a long time Casita friend.  From here it’s on to Gilbert Ray CG near Tucson……jc


  1. Great find...did not know the CCC was in that area...some nice hiking and Photo Ops...thanks for sharing. Horst sends

  2. That paper mache model is very impressive.


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