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Friday, August 10, 2018


First off, these are phone pictures.  Pretty sorry quality, but that’s what I have for now.

From Seward, we made our way back up to Anchorage for a couple of days.  Time to do laundry, grocery shop, etc.  One of the things on my bucket list for Alaska was a flight in a DeHaviland Beaver float plane.  Anchorage has the largest float plane terminal in the world, and I did my best to make it happen.  I booked two different flights, and had both cancelled due to whatever.  I think it had to do with my trying to book as a single, and I got bumped for a larger group.  Whatever reason, it didn’t happen.  Just might have to come back.

20180731_143721 (Small)

20180731_143401 (Small)

 20180731_144221 (Small)

We stopped for a night on our way to Valdez.  Ran into this guy in the campground.  I don’t remember what type of hawk it was, or the age of the bird, but he said it was already hunting for him.

20180801_170902 (Small)

                              20180801_172516 (Small)

The weather in Valdez was a carbon copy of Seward.  We missed all the beautiful scenery on the drive there due to clouds and fog.  An un-named roadside waterfall.

                           20180802_101732 (Small)

Another surprise was this chainsaw carving competition we stumbled up on.

                            20180802_115143 (Small)

20180802_115216 (Small) 20180802_115245 (Small)

What’s his line snagged on?

                20180802_115307 (Small)

Detail of fisherman’s face.  Amazing.

                           20180802_115343 (Small)


                   20180802_115456 (Small)


                    20180802_115516 (Small)

And, of course, a Mermaid.

                    20180802_115806 (Small)

Lots of other stuff, too.

20180802_115316 (Small)

We visited a fish hatchery where thousands of salmon were returning to spawn.  The only problem being they were hatched and released from the hatchery, and there was no river to return to.  Kind of sad.  All the turbulence you see in this photo was caused by Salmon floundering about trying to get upstream.  They were getting caught and shipped to a cannery nearby, I was told.

                   20180802_135707 (Small) 

That was our trip to Valdez.  Rained all the time we were there…..jc


  1. Is there a story behind "just phone photos??"

  2. Pretty good pix for a "phone" photo. Enjoy the rain - look between your toes. If it's anything like Seattle weather you'll develop web feet.
    Thanks for posting the latest.

  3. Looks like Horsetail Falls.
    I had the same weather in Valdez, but add strong winds! I had planned on a kayak tour out to Columbia Glacier but cancelled due to rain and wind. Next time. Valdez was my fave place after Denali.

  4. Great pictures. Love this trip. Our problem here in northern Utah is bad bad smoke. Haven't been able to ride my bike or hike for a week.

  5. Photos look great to me...we could use some of that rain here...though we finally good some yesterday. Some terrific stuff your seeing...memories for a life time..thanks for sharing..Horst sends

  6. Such an inspiring story! Your photos look amazing! I also hope to see all these places with my own eyes! What is your ultimate packing checklist? I always take too many unnecessary things on my holidays. Though I always try to follow some good tips given on travel packing checklist by experienced travelers.


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