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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dog Days of August

Things have been slow around the Eggrollings household the past week.  After getting the Egg home last Tuesday, I set about trying to figure out what caused the wheel failure.  After consulting with a number of  folks brighter than I am, the consensus is "ME".  Apparently, I followed directions too well, and not being a mechanic, didn't know any better.  When I replaced the hubs and bearings last Fall, I left the spindle nut too tight against the bearings.  This led to the wearing of a groove in the D-washer and ultimately the failure of the bearing.

A replacement hub has been ordered, as well as bearings for both sides.  Hopefully, I'll do a better job this time.  As I said earlier, just thankful they failed close to home, rather than 4000 miles away.
The "Dog Days" of Summer are apparently here.  Sally pretty much refuses to get out of the house between dawn and dusk. 

The heat index is forecast to be 108-110 for the next few days.  Some good friends departed yesterday for a couple of weeks in the Ozarks.  Hopefully, the will find it a little cooler than here.
This time last year, we were getting underway for the Great Lakes area.  Sure wish we were headed that way again this week.  It has to be cooler up there.  A few pictures of the Mackinac, MI area.




  1. It's been dog days in Indiana as well. I'm ready for a cold front!

  2. We aren't that far from where you are so I agree.....it's HOT!
    Great pics! Mike and I are thinking of heading toward the Great Lakes in September. Sure wish we were going NOW!!


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