"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

8400 miles


DSCN0726 (Medium)

That’s how many miles we traveled in the two months we were on the road.  Thinking about driving that distance while on vacation would be a depressing thought if you were to just think about the miles.  How far we traveled or where we would go was never part of the planning for our last journey.

A couple of friends have asked what kind of mileage I got with my truck.  I haven’t a clue. Somewhere more than 10, probably a lot less than 20.  It wasn’t part of the equation when planning our trip.  When the gauge read a quarter tank, it was time to fill up.

We had one destination and time frame when we left home.  It happened to be the Kansas Eggstravaganza the last week on our trip.  That left us free to travel where we wanted, when we wanted, without having to be under the gun to be somewhere at a specific time.  Because of that we were free to discover places like the Dennis Weaver Park near Ridgeway, CO.  Dedicated to the actor who had a home in the area, it was a beautiful park with an eagle sculpture carrying a 20’ wingspan that was beyond description.

DSCN0292 (Medium) 

DSCN0297 (Medium) 

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Wanda and I are truly blessed to see some of our dreams become reality.  I’m a firm believer in seizing the moment which is now.  A person can spend their entire life saying “one day, I’m gonna do ??????”  If you don’t fly with your eagle when the opportunity presents itself, you may one day find your eagle has become an albatross.

Things are looking up around the home place.  The limbs have been stacked and burned, and all the grass cutting and weed eating is done.  Plans are to wash and wax the Casita within the next couple of days.  By then it may be time to start planning another short trip…...jc


  1. Hope somebody was hanging onto Sally in that window. She looks like she is ready for the next horizon. Where exactly is the park with the eagle? It's amazing.

  2. Jerry, I love yours and Wanda's style of wandering. It's what travel is supposed to be. And we feel the same way about our truck's gas mileage.

    The eagle sculpture and poem say it all.

    I used to dream I could fly a lot when I was a kid. Somewhere along the way I must have forgotten that I could. :)

  3. It was go good to meet you two at the KS Get-together - and Sally too. Have loved being with you three on your 8400 miles. Was a wooonderful adventure. Have bookmarked a number of those places.

  4. I love the photo of Sally! And the eagle! Mike and I are struggling with some decisions and the Weaver poem was a little push!

  5. I love the last four lines..."our eagle lives within....dream your eagle..."

    These sentiments are shared by so many of our particular age group...I love to be reminded to ......go for it!

  6. Jerry...I believe you touched a lot of us today with you Eagle/Poem post.....you framed it SPOT ON....there is nothing more I can or want to add ...thanks very much for the post....Horst sends

  7. That's a lot of miles! And I bet you can't wait to get out there again. Agree with you about "now is the time".

    That Sally is a cutie!


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