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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Kansas Eggstravaganza


IMG_9283 (Medium)

The Kansas Eggstravaganza is well under way this Wednesday afternoon, though it officially doesn’t start until tomorrow.  We arrived a day earlier than planned on Sunday to a packed campground enjoying their Labor Day weekend.  We were lucky and happened to get the spot of someone who had checked out early.

By midday Monday there were a number of eggs in the campground waiting for their reserved spots.  Seems departure time at this COE campground is 6PM.  The latest we’ve ever run into on our travels.  Many of those here pushed it right up to the limit before turning over their site.  Can’t really blame them, of course.  Just making the best of the last Summer holiday.

As there was a chance of rain, the first thing we did on Tuesday morning was put up an old Army tent.  It was a group effort and led to much laughter among those attempting to get the thing up.  Eventually, we succeeded.

IMG_9262 (Medium)

IMG_9264 (Medium) IMG_9278 (Medium)

IMG_9281 (Medium)

There has been a steady stream of folks arriving today.  It’s beginning to look like an Egg Gathering.  we have lots of Casita’s.

IMG_9295 (Medium)

IMG_9284 (Medium) IMG_9287 (Medium)

A Scamp, or two or three.

IMG_9290 (Medium)

An Oliver, complete with pink flamingo.

IMG_9293 (Medium)

And also a pair of Escapes, both four wheel and fifth wheel models.

IMG_9297 (Medium) IMG_9296 (Medium)

Lots of handyworks scattered around, too.

IMG_9288 (Medium)

More later in the week. Internet is slow to none in the campground.


IMG_9260 (Medium)


IMG_9261 (Medium)



  1. You are having the time of your live(s)...looks like a beautiful setting!!!!..by the way whats that mod in the front of your Casita...looks pretty impressive...great pics...as usual. I just pulled in to Gallup...a "touch and go" destinition...later Horst

  2. Enjoy your rally. Looks like fun!

  3. Love those window awning...did the Casita come with them...hum wonder where they were purchased. I want to be there for our first rally but plans didn't work out. Excited for more pictures.

  4. Love your pictures!
    For some strange reason, my pictures are very similar!


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