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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Almost Christmas


IMG_9957 (Custom)

Yep.  Those are Christmas wreaths hanging on the porch posts.  I took these pictures earlier today while wearing a pair of shorts and a tee shirt.  There just may be something to that global warming.  Not really sure there is anything we can do about it, though.

IMG_9961 (Custom)

Those are begonias still blooming in the old whiskey barrels and the elephant ears haven’t even been touched by frost or freezing temperatures.

IMG_9961 (Custom)1

We have lots of this stuff covering the ground this time of year.  We use quite a bit in our flower beds, and around the trees and shrubs in the yard; and also give trailer loads away.   I usually still have to burn some to get all of it off the grassy areas of our yard. 

 IMG_9965 (Custom)

A storm is scheduled to blow through early tomorrow morning, and is forecast to bring our first below freezing temperatures of the season tomorrow night. A frosty dawn Friday, on the first day of the new Mayan Calendar. Smile


  1. Yep, we still have azalea blooms. You have a lovely house!

  2. And we have snow blowing its way to the ground. I-70 is closed from Oakley to Denver - and there you are with flowers still blooming!

  3. Perhaps you should take up pine needle basket weaving??

  4. Love the big old pine trees!

    I love running around without a jacket in the middle of December but the cold is coming on the 21st and we even may get a little snow in the mountains.

    Sorry, Emily, I would have to move south!

  5. No frost here in the coastal bend of Texas either!

  6. What a lovely, cozy looking home and yard!

    No, we can't do anything about the climate changes, but it sure is nice to be able to enjoy a beautiful day in shirt sleeves this time of year, isn't it? :)

  7. What a nice looking "Spead" you have...like those bears roaming around the property...have a safe trip and keep wearing those shorts and Hawaiian shirt...it got down in the 20's here in south Texas a couple days ago...and I got the title of "Village Idiot" from the neighborhood Chieftains as I was out there doing my normal 2 hour walk....Horst sends


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