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Sunday, December 16, 2012

, and Model Trains!


When thinking about putting together yesterdays post, I didn’t plan to end it as I did.  It was to be a post about a lazy day in which we attended the parade and visited an old landmark in our little town.  The title was “A Country Christmas Parade, and Model Trains”.  It just didn’t go as planned.

So, back to the trains.  A few years ago it was discovered that an old depot from the town of Summit was rotting away on property way out in the country.  It had been hauled there years ago and used as a hunting camp before being abandoned.  This wasn’t a depot building from the big Illinois Central that ran through town, but of the little Liberty-White railroad.  A small line started by a local man that was one of the pioneers of the area.

The ladies garden club came up with the idea of having it moved back to near downtown and restored for use as a small community center.  It was in horrible condition and many, including myself, thought it was a waste of time and money.  We were wrong.  I should have known that a dedicated group of women can do anything.


The building has been fully restored inside and out.  Each year at Christmas local model train enthusiasts set up a few layouts.

IMG_9937 (Custom)
IMG_9938 (Custom) IMG_9943 (Custom)

I don’t suppose there will many electric trains sitting underneath the trees this Christmas.  I do remember the Christmas Santa left one for me.  After talking with the owners of these layouts, I sure wish I still had it.  They brought back some fond memories.

IMG_9939 (Custom)
IMG_9945 (Custom) IMG_9948 (Custom)
IMG_9950 (Custom)

It wasn’t all about the boys, though.  There was also an old Victorian style doll house.

IMG_9951.1 (Custom)

It was fun to visit with some folks we know, as we reminisced about days gone by.  It was good to see smiles on faces such as this.  Don’t think I’ve ever met a happier Conductor.

                              IMG_9952 (Custom).1

It’s going to be a busy week around here.  There’s supposed to be a crew of about forty people; made up of siblings, kids, in-laws, and outlaws at our little place next Sunday.  Lots of house cleaning, yard clearing, and cooking to take place before then.  I may do some of it, myself….jc



  1. Love looking at that old train depot. There was one in our town, functioning when I was in elementary school. Ours was eventually vandalized and burned.
    Great that they have this preserved!

  2. Enjoy your family gathering. Even though they are a lot of work, they create wonderful memories for many years to come.

  3. I look forward to your posts and photo's of your family gathering.....it will be a Norman Rockwell photo op's...I'm sure of that...to me that's what the Holidays are all about...I need to get to your neck of the woods one of these days...seems to be a lot of history going on....Take care my friend...Horst

  4. It's surprising how people of all ages and backgrounds are intrigued by trains and their history.

    So glad the old depot was brought back to life.


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