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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Molded Fiberglass Trailers


We meet many people on the road that make comments about our little trailer, and ask what makes it unique from other travel trailers.  The answer is that our Casita, and a number of other brands are manufactured of molded fiberglass, just like boats.  That makes them more durable, longer lasting, and just fun to own.

IMG_0577.1 (Medium)

I walked around the area today and tried taking pictures of all the brands represented here this week.  The clouds moved in just as I started taking pictures and the shots aren’t the best.  At the least, they will show the variety of brands here.  And, there are dozens of older brands which are no longer manufactured but still are rolling around the roads of the U.S. and Canada.

13 ft. Casita.

IMG_0568.1 (Medium)

EggCamper.  All electric.

IMG_0569.1 (Medium)

A couple of Scamps.

IMG_0570.1 (Medium) IMG_0583.1 (Medium)

An Escape fifth wheel.

IMG_0571.1 (Medium)

A Burro and a Boler.

IMG_0572 (Medium) IMG_0580.1 (Medium)

Bigfoot and fifth wheel Scamp.

IMG_0579.1 (Medium) IMG_0578.1 (Medium)

A real classic, U-Haul.

IMG_0581.1 (Medium) 

An Outback. And a new one on the market, The Lil’ Snoozy.

IMG_0582.1 (Medium) IMG_0576.1 (Medium)

I know I missed taking a picture of a Trillium, and may have missed others, but hopefully you can see that it’s wasn’t a gathering of Casita’s, but of EGGS.

On another note, there have been many talented people spend time out here in the desert.  This is the fire pit and rock garden left behind by some wandering soul.

IMG_0562.1 (Medium) 

IMG_0563.1 (Medium)


IMG_0564.1 (Medium)


IMG_0565.1 (Medium)

Enough for now…..jc


  1. Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

  2. I really enjoyed seeing all the egg photos. There are several there that I haven't seen in person yet.

    And the firepit is a work of art! :)

  3. We camped next to an Outback down at Myakka....I had not seen nor heard of it before. The owner said it was made by Trillium in Calgary.

    The variety is amazing!

  4. I have always liked the looks of the Casita's. The Desert Art work is great.

  5. I have always thought the fifth wheel version was particularity nice:)

  6. Great photos--I never realized there were so many different "eggs" out there!

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