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Friday, February 8, 2013

Two Posts Today.


I didn’t get to post yesterdays parody of the area, so it’s two for the price of one, today.  Seriously, I could get to really like this part of the Country during this time of year.  Most of the crowds are gone and other than our gathering area the desert is sparsely populated.  Sally and I headed out this morning to climb part way up Dome Rock and visit some old mines.  We’re heading up there.

IMG_0533.1 (Medium)

IMG_0535.1 (Medium)

Lots of these around to put a hurt on you.

IMG_0536.1 (Medium)

Someone left behind their fireplace.  Lots of work went into it.  Too bad they didn’t burn their garbage.

IMG_0541.1 (Medium)

Abandoned pit.

IMG_0543.1 (Medium)

The real deal.

IMG_0544.1 (Medium)

                               IMG_0545.1 (Medium)

                          IMG_0547.1 (Medium)

We didn’t enter as it looked like it would be home to critters that crawled, and bite, and sting.  From there we started the most difficult part of the climb toward a much larger tailings pile.

IMG_0548.1 (Medium)

Taking a breather.

IMG_0550.1 (Medium)

Once there, we found the entrance to that mine had been blown to prevent entry.  There may be some good stuff still in there.

IMG_0552.1 (Medium)

Quite windy today, so it was a wonderful morning for a hike in the desert……jc


  1. I don't need to renew my subscription to National Geographic..just need to continue reading your Blog...Terrific post, thanks for sharing....Be safe...Horst sends

  2. I would like to say that I would have jumped into that cave, but it would have been a lie:)

  3. We did much of that hike last year and the fireplace and the cave entrance looked very familiar. Also decided against going into the cave. Too many unknown desert creatures.

    Hope you are enjoying the desert and all the great company!


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