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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Big Meadows


Just East of the summit of Wolf Creek Pass, near Pagosa Springs, CO, you will find Big Meadows Recreation Area and campground.  From what I understand, the campground has been closed for the past few years while the pine beetle devastation was removed.  It reopened this past Fall.  The entire campground has been rebuilt from the ground up, so to speak.  All new sites, many with decks and rails.  No hookups, but who needs them with the scenery available.

IMG_3078 (Medium)

We met up with some good friends from Arizona that were returning from an Escapee event in Indiana.  Knew we would cross paths somewhere, and Big Meadows filled the bill.  As you can see, the sites are well spaced, and there weren’t many folks there the middle of the week.

IMG_3826 (Medium)

We spent two days catching up on each others travels and such. 

The lake was a hotspot for the local fishermen, and ladies.  Some fishing, and some catching.

IMG_3830 (Medium)

IMG_3833 (Medium)

We took a walk around the lake one morning.  About three miles.  Lots of running water.

IMG_3832 (Medium)

IMG_3072 (Medium)

IMG_3836 (Medium)

IMG_3837 (Medium)

Some of us got a little warmer than others.  This is the dog that doesn’t like water.

IMG_3843 (Medium)

And, of course what enters the lake this time of year has to exit the lake.  A pretty bridge over the spillway, which was rushing with whitewater.

IMG_3040 (Medium)

IMG_3064 (Medium)

A great time with great friends.

IMG_3037 (Medium)

Onward and upward…….jc


  1. Beuuuutiful. And, beautiful place to be with friends.

  2. That's a beautiful of Colorado...Looks like some great hiking and fishing opportunities...plus photo ops....Wolf Creek Pass...remember it well that's where the overflow cap burst about quarter mile from the Summit(2011)...but it all worked out well....safe journey...a stop at the Great Sand Dunes National Park would make you Guys Happy :)....Horst sends

  3. The effects of the pine beetle are pretty noticeable in some spots aren't they?

  4. You're not far from the town of Chama NM if my memory serves me right. I went the opposite direction in 2010. Went from Chama to Durango. It was a beautiful ride. I think it was on 161, but I don't know how accurate my memory is these days. Just outside of Chama is a huge Elk Preserve. Plenty of space for pups to run and to take a nice hike. There was still quite a bit of snow when I went up over Wolf Creek Pass but perfect temps. I'm trying to remember where you are--are there Covered picnic tables as you pull in off the road--think it might be a little further down the road? Great to meet friends - glad you're having such a great time. Where to next?

  5. Just beautiful, Jerry!

  6. Great look at The Meadows ! Thanks !

  7. Looks like a gorgeous place to camp.

  8. Looks like fantastic campground .. Nice photos! Safe travels to your next adventure ! Paul & Terri

  9. Boy those pine beetles can do a number to an area!! Glad they got them cleared up. Looks like a nice area to meet up with good friends.


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