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Friday, June 6, 2014

Jeep Ride


Our second full day in Ouray, we decided to rent a jeep and head up into Yankee Boy Basin.  As the road closure had put a crimp in the tourist numbers, the owner of ColoradoWestJeeps made us a good deal for the day.

DSC_1538 (Medium)

Seems we can’t get a sunny day up in the basin.  When we were here in 2012, it rained the entire time we were up there.  Though this day dawned clear and sunny, by the time we got on the road the clouds had moved in.  Made most, if not all, the photo’s flat.

Everywhere direction you looked, there was falling water.

DSC_1467 (Medium)

DSC_1468 (Medium)

High and low.

DSC_1475 (Medium)

DSC_1483 (Medium)

Singles and doubles.

DSC_1486 (Medium)

DSC_1492 (Medium)

DSC_1511 (Medium)

Our view for lunch. The sound of running water was everywhere.  It masked the sounds of other vehicles passing by.

DSC_1514 (Medium)

DSC_1559 (Medium)

Remains of what I think was an old stamp mill from the gold mining days.

DSC_1531 (Medium)

DSC_1532 (Medium)

Not many Winters left for this old building.  Bet it could tell some tales, if possible.

IMG_3753 (Medium)

How about this way to work each morning?

IMG_3757 (Medium)

See the mine entrance at the bottom center of the picture? That’s an almost vertical rock wall. I assume desperate men, in desperate times, did desperate things to make a dollar.

IMG_3773 (Medium)

We had a great day, took hundreds of pictures which have yet to be reviewed.  Made our way back to the campsite for the evening.

IMG_3685 (Medium)

Watched the shadows slowly climb the mountains behind our site.

IMG_3677 (Medium)

Our last evening in Ouray…..jc


  1. Great post..."weather be damned" :) what campground did you stay in??...have a safe journey..really enjoying tagging along on your adventure...BTW super photo's even with an overcast...Horst sends

  2. Your campsites always look so very cozy!

    Wishing you sunshine sooner than later.

  3. Very interesting tour and great pictures inspite of less than perfect weather. Love your campsite but it looks pretty cool.

  4. Great photos--even with no sun! Stay as long as you can, it's HOT in the south!

  5. I love the campgrounds you can get into with your Casita. We have a big honker of a home that really limits our parking locations.


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