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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tin Cup


IMG_7159 (Small)

Our goal for today was a journey over Tin Cup Pass between the old mining towns of St. Elmo and Tin Cup.  We had to travel to St. Elmo to begin the 4-wheel ride up to the pass.  The town looked much the same as it did three years ago.  Old buildings, beginning to look their age.

IMG_7105 (Small)

IMG_7101 (Small) IMG_7102 (Small)

IMG_7113 (Small)

IMG_7104 (Small)

She’s still patiently waiting for someone.

IMG_7107 (Small)

Part of our crew.

IMG_7133 (Small)

Slow going.

IMG_7149 (Small)

IMG_7153 (Small)

IMG_7146 (Small)

IMG_7170 (Small)

But we made it.  Thanks, Holly, for the group shot.


I think we’ll rest tomorrow….jc


  1. My hubby's ancestors were part of the people who started St. Elmo. Nice, nice town.

  2. What a terrific day trip that was...super photo's....I like the woman in the window....there must be a story......safe travels...Horst sends

  3. Great post! I remember that road well:) Thanks for the memory!


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