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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Pagosa Springs and Points North


We traveled from Chama, NM to Pagosa Springs, Colorado after a good five days at Heron Lake.  We met friends from Tennessee at the property of another friend, from Kansas.  He calls his place Traveler’s Rest, and we were grateful for his hospitality.  After an afternoon of visiting, we traveled into town for a great meal together.  Our friends were headed for the Durango area the next day, and we moved about 10 miles up toward Wolf Creek Pass, and East Fork campground.  We spent two quiet days there, visiting in the town of Pagosa Springs, and riding the Forest Service roads checking out boondocking sites for future use.

I was itching to get back to the Taylor River Canyon above Gunnison, so we headed in that direction.  We drove some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen from a main highway between Creede and Lake City.  Only stopped once when we saw a sign about a falls.  Who would have thought you would find something like this in the middle of nowhere.

IMG_9547 (Medium)

                                20160822_115605 (Medium)

It wasn’t long before we had claimed a beautiful campsite in Rosy Lane campground.  The river was roaring between the Casita and the cliffs.

IMG_4504 (Medium)

A couple of days later some friends from the Houston area joined us at the campground.  They both like to hike, and we got in a number of really good hikes together.  The first took us up and behind the campground.  A really tough first quarter mile, then a steady uphill slog to the top of the pass.  Found the remains of a shelter hidden a ways off the trail.

20160824_112629 (Medium)

20160824_110826_Richtone(HDR) (Medium)

Downhill both ways.  So glad!

20160824_111916 (Medium)

Another day found us entering a Wilderness area.

                                   20160827_153055 (Medium)

Another beautiful area of creeks, beaver ponds, and awesome scenery.  It too, wasn’t without it’s obstacles.

20160827_131146_Richtone(HDR) (Medium)

IMG_4399 (Medium)

That’s it for now……jc


  1. We've been in that area before (before casita days). We rode the Chama train and the Durango train! Beautiful area. Check out Ouray too.

  2. I was in Chama in 2010. I took the road that skirts the top of NM or bottom of CO to Durango. It was a beautiful ride. I've been to Creede, but never Leadville which is where I want to go after Durango. I have beautiful pictures of the train in Chama. It was once part of the Silverton/Durango line, I think. I haven't ridden either. Did you like one more than the other?

  3. Looks like you Guys are having another great trip....I just hope by the time I get to the area it isn't closed due to weather...The section from Creed to Lake City looks like a most do...I've got it bookmarked. Teriffic photo's ...safe travels Horst sends

  4. I liked the town of Creed but haven't ventured further and looks absolutely gorgeous.


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