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Monday, September 5, 2016

Success, This Time!


Some of you may remember my disappointment the end of July last year, when I failed in my attempt to reach this crash site.

IMG_0484 (Medium)

As I had someone to go with me this year as backup againt injury,  another attempt was made.  The scramble up was just as treacherous as last year; maybe even more so due to the daily afternoon rains.

We reached the site without incident, and were immediately struck with the feeling of both sadness and respect.  I’ll just let the pictures tell most of the story.  These consist of both mine and Jim’s.

                            IMG_4308 (Medium)

IMG_0458 (Medium)

People leave different things as a tokens of honor and respect.

IMG_0462 (Medium)

                           IMG_4320 (Medium)

IMG_0459 (Medium)

Electronic parts.

IMG_0466 (Medium)

Notice the wire from the tires still around the hubs?

IMG_0465 (Medium)

IMG_0467 (Medium)

IMG_0469 (Medium)

                  IMG_4311 (Medium)

IMG_0470 (Medium)

Lift the Dot.  From a uniform, jacket, equipment cover?

IMG_0474 (Medium)

Stuff; encased in molten aluminum.

IMG_4324 (Medium)

IMG_4325 (Medium)

IMG_4314 (Medium)

Replacing fallen flags.

IMG_4329 (Medium)

A few shots to give you an idea as to why I turned around last year, when by myself.

IMG_4334 (Medium)

IMG_4335 (Medium)

IMG_4337 (Medium)

It’s gratifying to know that 73 years after these eleven men lost their lives, people risk life and limb to visit the site where they died, and pay tribute to their service.  I feel honored to be one of them…….jc


  1. Wow....outstanding! Glad safe and sound and what a beautiful share!!

  2. Magnificent post!.....glad you where able to get there, your photos tell a pretty complete story....thanks for sharing...safe travels...Horst sends

  3. The pictures really do tell the story. Great post!

  4. Congrats on getting to the crash site. Somber, I'm sure. Your words and pictures are really great. Wife and I are planning to retire and buy a Casita next year, so we love your awesome blog!


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