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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Winter that Wasn’t!


This is another short post to see if I can still use Livewriter with blogger.  A number of bloggers have expressed frustration with the program the past few weeks.  As I had very little to post about, I tried one photo a few weeks ago.  All seemed well, but now, we’ll see.

Very little worth writing about has happened since our unscheduled return home from Arizona.  As for that, Wanda’s mom spent 15 days in the hospital, 10 days back at her residence, and another four days in the hospital.  Thankfully, she is on the mend, and back to being her “old self”.Smile

It’s supposed to be Winter, even in Mississippi.  As of today, we have had three mornings below freezing this entire season.  Average highs the past six weeks have been in the seventies.  Our first signs of Spring, which usually appear around the end of February, happened a month ago.  Most all our azeleas started blooming then, and are now past their prime.  Here’s a few shots from around our yard. See the Casita hiding in the background?

IMG_9730 (Medium)

IMG_9731 (Medium)

IMG_9740 (Medium)

IMG_9733 (Medium)

IMG_9737 (Medium)

IMG_9739 (Medium)

The pine trees are loaded with blooms, and their pollen is already beginning to cover things.

IMG_9745 (Medium)

IMG_9743 (Medium)

Sally is so excited that Winter is behind us, she’s running around the yard like a pup.

IMG_9746 (Medium)

We took a drive to Natchez yesterday and saw Wisteria, Dogwood, and many other plants in bloom that one wouldn’t expect to see till near the end of March.  One can debate the issues of global warming forever, but I think the facts speak for themselves.  SOMETHING is going on…..jc


  1. Your azaleas are beautiful!! I agree, the plants are blooming so much earlier!! Mike and I plan to head to Callaway Gardens Monday but we might find the azaleas have already peaked. Tonight it might drop to 35. Go figure!!
    Very cute picture of Sally!!
    Glad Wanda's mom is doing better!! Great news!!

  2. It is kind of early for that sort of blooming--even in the south!

  3. Glad to hear Wanda's Mother is on the "mend"....Those are magnificent azaleas. Wish we could grow some down here...Take care Buddy...I'm off to Big Bend this coming Wednesday for a week or more.....can't wait...Horst sends

  4. Nothing normal about weather. Your blooms are brilliant even if a bit early. The desert rains are bringing on flowers and much green.


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