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Thursday, January 3, 2019

2019, On the Road

Our youngest daughter presented me with a decal for the truck.  Pretty much tells the story of our travels.

20181226_124447 (Small)

We left home on Saturday, the 29th.  We were surprised to find that the Corp of Engineers parks were still open during the Gov. shutdown.  We made our usual stop at Sandy Creek near Jasper, TX for Saturday night, then on to Crane’s mill on Canyon Lake near San Antonio for the nights of the 30th. and 31st.  While there, Sally was attacked by a loose dog while I was walking her in the campground.  Though she sustained a puncture in the middle of her back that required a visit to the vet, I think I got the worse end of the deal.

20181231_142437 (Small)

We both are on the mend at present.

We departed Crane’s mill early on New Years Day.  I found an open immediate care clinic and got a tetanus booster before we hit I-10.  The temperature kept dropping, and it was below freezing when we reached Ft. Stockton around 3PM.  We stopped there for the night, and hit the road again early Wednesday morning.  The temperature was 23* and the deicing trucks were running I-10.  I drove most of the way to Van Horn at 50 mph, or less.

                              20190102_083159 (Small)

After Van Horn, the road was dry and we made it to Deming, New Mexico just in time for the snow flurries and freezing fog.

20190103_110250 (Small) 20190103_110419 (Small)

We are staying in Deming for two nights, visiting with a dear friend that has been fulltiming in his Casita since 2003. 

This afternoon I visited the local museum in town.  Quite a collection of most everything connected to the area, and more.  Here’s a random tour.  If you’re ever in Deming, it worth a visit.  The price is right, just a donation.

Lot’s of pottery and artifacts.

IMG_3005 (Small)

IMG_3006 (Small)

IMG_3008 (Small)

IMG_3011 (Small)

IMG_3013 (Small)

IMG_3015 (Small)

IMG_3019 (Small)

IMG_3020 (Small)

                            IMG_3022 (Small)

IMG_3023 (Small)

IMG_3024 (Small)

IMG_3026 (Small)

IMG_3030 (Small)

IMG_3032 (Small)

IMG_3034 (Small)

IMG_3036 (Small)

IMG_3038 (Small)

IMG_3041 (Small)

IMG_3042 (Small)

IMG_3043 (Small)

IMG_3044 (Small)

                   IMG_3046 (Small)

                           IMG_3049 (Small)

IMG_3053 (Small)

IMG_3057 (Small)

IMG_3058 (Small)

Like I said, lot of STUFF….jc


  1. Yep that is quite a museum and I enjoyed it tremendously years ago. It appears that another stop there is in order. Be Safe.

  2. loose dogs really tick me off. It sounds like you took it more in stride than I would. Hope you heal up soon:)

  3. So glad both you and Sally are on the mend! I always worry about that exact thing when I see a loose dog. Long ago when Emmi was just a puppy we were attacked by a pit bull who got loose from its owner. I scooped up Emmi into my arms when I saw the dog coming, Mike had the forethought to wrap both arms around me with Emmi in between us. The dog was jumping up on us, snarling but fortunately didn't bite us. The owner came running up and said, "so glad you picked up your dog, she would have killed it." It's not any warmer over here!

  4. https://ktvq.com/news/trending/2019/01/03/defensive-vest-designed-to-protect-pups-from-coyotes-and-aggressive-pets/ After reading your blog I headed over to our local Montana news page and saw this article--maybe Sally needs one??

    1. Actually saw the same news item. No doubt it would work, but be a pain every time we took the dog out. If more folks would be responsible for their dogs, incidents like ours and yours wouldn't happen near as often.

    2. You hit the nail on the head Jerry--take more responsibly with everything pet related--leashes, pick up the poop, etc! Just glad your story had a happy ending. At Lake Medina RV Resort near San Antonio, a loose rottweiler killed our friends little poodle--so sad. We had stayed there for long stretches of time and knew the owners. Greg and Gina made the owner of the rottweiler leave immediately and didn't give them a refund.

  5. Wow, so sorry about the dog incident. I always worry about loose dogs. I didn't know it was a problem at Cranes Mill. I thought they ran a pretty tight ship out there.

  6. When you are attacked by someones pet they are responsible for any medical expenses that may incur. Hope you reported the incident to the park. It may have not been the first time for that same animal.
    We've missed the Deming Museum. Always in a rush.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. The Dog issue seems to be getting worse these days...even on my daily walks. I now carry a large stick, and small water pistol filled with lemon concentrate. Glad Sally is ok and that is some nasty cuts and bruises you received...Thats not our usual Welcome Committee in Texas. Safe Travels my Friend..wish I could be out there on our way to Alabama Hills. Horst sends


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