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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Festival Time in the South


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October should be called Festival Month in the deep South.  It usually has the best weather of the year with clear skies and cooler temperatures.  It seems every small town or community has some type of festival during October.  We have endured the heat and humidity for months and look forward to enjoying a day outside.

There was one near our home today.  They have a BBQ contest along with all the arts and crafts and such.  I was asked to help judge the competition, so what could I say?  Turn down an opportunity to eat a mess of BBQ free of charge?  Not a chance!

I took a stroll around the festival before time to start the judging.

IMG_5166 (Medium) 

IMG_5155 (Medium)

There were lots of things to tickle your fancy.  Love all the bright colors.

IMG_5142 (Medium)

IMG_5158 (Medium)

IMG_5145 (Medium)

Lots of arts and crafts, from purses to tatted Christmas ornaments.

IMG_5149 (Medium)

IMG_5159 (Medium)

Bet you thought I didn’t know what tatting was!

Also, plenty of places to get something to eat.

IMG_5146 (Medium)

IMG_5156 (Medium)

Caught a couple of folks making preparations for the cookoff.

IMG_5135 (Medium)

IMG_5152 (Medium)

Then it was time to get down to business. Chicken wings, chicken halves, and pork ribs.

IMG_5153 (Medium)IMG_5167 (Medium)IMG_5168 (Medium)IMG_5169 (Medium)

Soon, it was over.  No one felt the desire to go out and partake of the festival food.

IMG_5171 (Medium)

Elvis showed up in his Cadillac to entertain while the judging forms were tallied up.

IMG_5180 (Medium)IMG_5192 (Medium)

Soon it was over.  The winners were announced and given their prize money and awards.  Sorry that I didn’t get any pictures of the ceremony. 

Wanda just asked me what I would like for supper?  She has to be kidding.  I don’t want to see any food till sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Oh my! First, those ribs! And then, you know about tatting?? I'm impressed. :)

  2. Now that is a tough job but hey...somebody's got to do it!! :-)
    The food looked delicious and the fair looked like a lot of fun!!

  3. Tatting? Big J you sound like a world traveler. (You found out what tatting was just befor I dad.) We had fun didn't we.

  4. I just got back from my Telluride trip...thought I would make myself a light dinner read your blog....great photos...food channel ought to buy those from you...now I have to find a BBQ place in Durango..so much for the light dinner....BTW thanks for your comments the other day on my blog...this is a neat area, especially this time of year...the weather is "ify"...but the experience is second to know...life is good...Horst


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