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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Natchez Hot Air Balloon Races


IMG_5468 (Large)

Arrived in Natchez Yesterday afternoon to meet our friends from Memphis.  After getting everything set up in the campground we headed out to get a bite to eat.  Arrived back in the campground just in time to see a full moon rising over the Mississippi river.  I know the picture doesn’t do it justice, but hopefully you can appreciate how awesome it was.

The plan for this morning was to do a show and tell at the local Head Start Center and then lift off for a leisurely morning flight.  Mother Nature had other plans.  Though the winds weren’t too bad at the surface, at 700 ft. they were over 20 miles per hour.  Not too good to be up there at that speed.

We wound up doing the show and tell by unloading the basket and burner from the truck and doing a little talk along with a few burns.  Too windy even to inflate the envelope.  Most seemed to enjoy it, though some were scared of the noise. 

Natchez 2011 (Large) 

The winds are forecast to subside by mid afternoon.  Hopefully, we’ll get a flight in later today.  If not, we’ll try again tomorrow morning…………….jc


  1. Jerry...hadn't had a chance to see your Blog in the past few days...you Guys have been busy...Isn't Nachez neat...was there a couple years ago, when I did an East Coast adventure....had a campsite right on the Mississippi....Congratulaions on "Grandbaby" being elected as the Homecoming Gueen...and being able to be there to witness it....Its neat to be an "Omi and Opi"....now for the hot-air ride...wow.....what an adventure...I'm envious...GREAT photo's keep on reporting...I'm on my way to Tombstone and Bisbee tomorrow....loving the life...Horst sends

  2. I've seen that balloon picture on the sidebar of your blog, but I thought it just meant you liked photographing balloons. I never thought in a million years that you actually fly them. How cool!

  3. Hope the wind cooperates so you can have a liftoff. Love that sunset picture!!

  4. That nighttime picture of the bridge is just sensational.

  5. Hot air ballooning is on my "bucket list".
    Thanks for sharing !

  6. What a lot of fun. Went to a balloon fest in Decatur, AL in May.


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