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Monday, October 31, 2011

Think we’ll go to Arkansas


We have been busy since the last post.  Hard to believe it has been a week since the last one.  The BIL was able to go home late last Monday evening.  After getting him settled, we rethought our plans.  There was nothing else we could do in Jackson, so we decided to head for our original destination of the week which was Village Creek State Park, near Wynne, AR.

Village creek 2011 009 (Large) Village creek 2011 012 (Large)

We get together there each Halloween weekend with ballooning friends and family.  We do a lot of eating, visiting, and flying friends and family for 4 days.

Village creek 2011 014 (Large) Village creek 2011 021 (Large)

We attempt to roast the perfect marshmallow, which can become a mess to eat.

Village creek 2011 023 (Large) Village creek 2011 027 (Large)

Though we had some rain on Thursday and early Friday, it cleared off in time for the annual bocce ball tournament.

Village creek 2011 035 (Large) 

Saturday morning arrived clear and cold.  What is that white stuff on the ground?

Village creek 2011 081 (Large)

Perfect ballooning weather!

Village creek 2011 083 (Large) Village creek 2011 041 (Large)

Inflated and ready to go!

Village creek 2011 091 (Large)

Village creek 2011 043 (Large) Village creek 2011 044 (Large)

Leaving the crews behind!

!Village creek 2011 046 (Large)

And the chase is on.

Village creek 2011 050 (Large)

We go from the chaser to the chased in a matter of minutes.

Village creek 2011 052 (Large) Village creek 2011 058 (Large)

Looking back at our shadow and Rob’s balloon.  He found a little slower air.

Village creek 2011 061 (Large) Village creek 2011 062 (Large)

The hills were beautiful, both from the air and on the trails in the park.

Village creek 2011 067 (Large) Village creek 2011 068 (Large)

It was a great weekend.  Will have a little more information and pictures in a later post.


  1. What a great way to see the fall colors!

  2. Great Photo's... great landscape....appears to make a super nice time...as you said...its the memories...enjoy!!! Horst


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