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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life Moments


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You know the kind I’m talking about.  Those moments that completely change things.  All the plans you have for the day, or maybe the week.  A moment that can change things for a year, or maybe even a lifetime.  They come out of nowhere, completely unexpected.

We had one of those moments last week.  You know, the early morning phone call that can only be a wrong number; or bad news.

Wanda’s mother had fallen, landing on her buttocks, and had spent the previous evening at the emergency room.  Early reports were no broken bones, but she would be very sore.  Things begin to go downhill this past Tuesday.  She became progressively worse, and needed assistance with everything that had to do with mobility. More doctors visits, along with a CT scan, led to the discovery of a broken pelvis on one side and cracks on the other side.  We don’t know why these weren’t found in the ER, though a nurse said that this type of thing can sometimes takes days, or even weeks, before showing up on x-rays or scans.

The best news of the day is that modern medicine has a quick fix.  A new procedure is being used to fix breaks and cracks like she has.  Tomorrow, or Monday, a Doctor will inject some type of gel into both the break and the cracks.  It will fill the space with a type of cement.  The Doctors say she will go home within 24 hours, mostly pain free, and be on the go again in a very short time.  All of that is yet to be seen, but we hope it goes as planed.

As can be imagined, our own plans have changed.  We were all set to pull out Friday, but everything is now on hold until she is able to get around on her own.

To be sure, it was a small life moment compared to what many have encountered.  Nothing like losing a loved one unexpectedly; being told you’re no longer an asset to the company; or anything else that puts your heart in your throat.

Ours was just a small reminder that no matter how well we make our own plans, there are so many things we have no control over that can change them. 

We just have to be willing to roll with the flow, so to speak.  Hopefully, everything will go as planned. She will make a record recovery, and we’ll get away in a week or two.  If not, we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes……jc


  1. So sorry to hear this happened but isn't it wonderful what they can do to fix it. A few years ago and it would have meant months in bed.

  2. We will be thinking of you guys. Glad to see you overcame your Live Writer problems.

  3. Sorry to hear about her fall, I hope she recovers smoothly and quickly.

  4. Jerry, I know how it goes with my own broken bone, it really changed things in a second.

    I had an elderly friend (late 70s) fall and break her pelvis last winter. She didn't even go to the doc, just told her neighbors who came and helper her some, but she mostly went it alone. Too bad she didn't know about this procedure. It took her months to heal and much pain. Thinking of you and hoping all goes well and you can soon resume your travel plans.

  5. Sorry to hear. Here's hoping she mends quickly with the new procedure.

  6. So very sorry to hear about Wanda's mom. Falls can be very dangerous things...we will be keeping her in our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery!

  7. Sorry to hear about Wanda's Mother's fall...and glad of the SUPER procedure to fix the pelvis...had never heard about that....Thoughts and prayers to Wanda's Mom and you guys....Happy Trails...Horst sends

  8. Jerry, I am so sorry about her fall, but amazed that there is such a wonderful treatment available.

    I do hope that you get out soon and that your trip turns out better than you could imagine. :)

  9. Jerry...forgot to mention...another GREAT Photo!!!! Horst

  10. Jerry & Wanda. Enjoy keeping track of you two through your blog. Sorry to hear about Wanda's mom but glad to hear there is a good fix. Quite often think that we worked for the Bell System when they still offered a good retirement plan to their employees. Take care. Dick Savage


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