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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scratching that Itch!


DSCN0593 (Medium)

Hitch Itch, that is.

Before I go any further, I would like to thank everyone for all the nice comments about Wanda’s mothers situation.  The thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated.  When Wanda told her mom of the comments from people we have never met, except through this blog, she was amazed.  Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

There was some delay in getting the procedure done.  You all know how hospitals are these days.  It was Monday afternoon before she was taken to surgery for the approximately thirty minute procedure.  Everything went as planned and most of her pain was greatly reduced almost immediately.  The downside is that she had been fighting this injury almost three weeks and had become extremely weak.  She is now in a nursing and rehab center for the next few weeks, working to regain her strength and mobility.

All that leaves us with nothing much to do at home.  Wanda arrived from Jackson yesterday and said she was ready to get some rest on the road.  Did I think we could leave Friday?  Well, YES!

IMG_1361 (Medium)

Not going too far for the first few days.  Just over near Monroe, LA to a friends lake house.  She has a full hookup site for the Casita and a really nice fishing pier.

IMG_1222 (Medium) 

We’ll see how things go from there.  Sure would like to pick some cherries up around Flathead Lake…………..jc


  1. The cherries out here are delicious right now Jerry, come on out! But our weather stinks--way too hot for Montana!

  2. Just catching up here. Glad to hear that Wanda's mom is recovering nicely. Enjoy your rest stop.

  3. Hi Jerry & Wanda .... Glad to hear you are back on the road .. hope Wanda's mom is doing better .. ps.. finally figured out how to log on ! Take care .. Paul & Terri

  4. Glad you two and Sally are back on the road. Safe travels!

    Mary Lou and Jerry

  5. Glad Wanda's mom is on the mend!

    And so glad you are scratching that itch! Love your photos.

    Cherries mean cherry cobbler and vanilla ice cream to me. Hope you get to indulge! :)

  6. So glad to hear Wanda's mom is doing better and regaining her strength!!
    Enjoy your stop over for R&R!! Enjoy and relax!!


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