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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Tough Day

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I received the call a few weeks ago.  Would I be available the first Saturday in October?  A nearby community was having a BBQ contest and there was a need for qualified judges.  Since I fit the bill, the least I could do was sacrifice my Saturday to help with the event.

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The area has a lot of poultry growers and chicken was the main entrée.

IMG_9375 (Medium)

Prior winners like to display their accomplishments.

There was also the usual Festival booths selling most everything one could wish for.

IMG_9379 (Medium)

Lots of pretty doo dads.

IMG_9380 (Medium)

IMG_9383 (Medium)

Recognize these. A lot of them are sold at festivals in the South.

IMG_9381 (Medium)

IMG_9382 (Medium)

A few more shots from the festival.

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IMG_9387 (Medium)

IMG_9389 (Medium)

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But, back to business.  Here’s why we’re here.  First it was chicken wings.  Fourteen entries made for fourteen different tastings.

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IMG_9395 (Medium)

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That was followed by chicken entrée’s and pork ribs.  By the time those were entering the judging area, I wasn’t too interested in taking pictures.

It seems a waste to leave a plate of ribs which have had just one bite taken from them.  Trust me, when the last entry is judged and all votes turned in,  you're not in the mood for more.

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Another day sacrificed for the good of the community…Open-mouthed smile….jc 


  1. "Another day sacrificed for the good of the community"....Jerry, Jerry, Jerry...you are one amazing person....and you can say this with a straight face...haha....GREAT post...take care...BTW how does one become a "qualified judge"....Horst sends

    1. Two good friends and I used to cook a little BBQ around the area. We figured that if we knew more about what the judges were looking for, it would be beneficial for us. We signed up for a Kansas City BBQ Society judging school. It was a one day class teaching you all about the finer points of BBQ. We graduated, becoming certified KCBS judges. Since then, we've spent more time judging than cooking.

  2. I was fine when I started reading, now I am ravenous!

    Looks like it was a fun day!

  3. Okay, I think I could get into that kind of work:)

  4. Somebody's got to do the tough jobs! I'm proud that you are so willing to sacrifice so much for the good of the community! Hope they appreciate it. :D

  5. Wow, that food looks great. I'm sure the judging wasn't easy.

  6. OMG, we are all sitting here licking our computer screens. That is cruel! lol

  7. Oh my, I guess you could get a little overfilled doing the judging...but what a yummy way to get a tummy ache! Sure looks like some good grub.


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