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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saturday, Oct. 20


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The morning started kind of slow.  No one wanted to be the first in the air, but then it seemed everyone wanted to launch at the same time from the same site.

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The only target was in the rear of the local mall.  Three different ways to score on it. 

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It was organized chaos at the mall.

IMG_9505 (Small)

IMG_9514 (Small)

One of our guys jockeying for position.

IMG_9509 (Small)

Right over the target.

IMG_9521 (Small)

Here comes our guy.

IMG_9530 (Small)

Balloons everywhere.

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One got a little too close to the trees.  snagged a line and was anchored for a few minutes before pulling free.

IMG_9540 (Small)

Overall, a great morning with lots of balloons in the sky.  Afterward there was a little first flight ceremony which everyone seemed to enjoy.

IMG_9548 (Small)

IMG_9546 (Small)

A toast to a good day of fun for everyone.

IMG_9558 (Small)

Sunday morning was too windy for flights.

IMG_9494 (Small)

We watched most everyone depart the RV park and enjoyed a quiet evening over a bottle of wine.  We’re on to Lake Chicot State Park in Arkansas for a few days…..jc


  1. Jerry..there are no words to express my envy at this moment.....I feel like hitching up and driving the 500 miles all night to get there.....and what a "band of brothers" this group is...I WILL be there next year, and your photo's are "Top Shelf"....go have a glass of champagne and a tomato sandwich..lol..keep those posts and photo's coming..."The jealous one"..Horst

  2. What an amazing sight those incredibly beautiful balloons in the air are. I'm with Horst.... just a little jealous!

    So glad you were able to experience it -- and I really appreciate your sharing photos!

  3. I'm a new follower to your blog. What beautiful pictures of all those balloons.
    Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  4. What an amazing sight! And you capture it so well.

  5. Great pictures! We were at our first balloon event a few years ago and looking forward to our next chance:)


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