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Monday, October 15, 2012

What a Week;

and not one photo to show.

A week ago this past Friday we made a deal on a new truck.  A 2012 Chevy Z71, 2 wheel drive.  I couldn’t find justification for the additional three thousand dollars to purchase the four wheel drive version.  Our type of traveling, and the climate we live in, just doesn’t require it.

Now the dealer we were working with had to get the truck from another dealer in Louisiana.  When we left the dealership on Friday, it was a done deal and we were to pick the truck up last Monday.  On Saturday the salesman called and said he couldn’t get the vehicle and asked if we would settle for another truck, color, options, etc. The answer was no.  We had a deal, and if he couldn’t deliver the sale was off.  I can’t really say I was too disappointed.  We only went looking because my brother retired from GM and they were offering some really sweet deals for family members, along with all the year end discounts.

Another thing on the agenda for the past week was a trip to Guntersville, AL.  Most every year from the late 80’s till 2005 or so, we  would make a trip to Lake Guntersville State Park. Wanda and I, my brother and his wife, along with a couple of cousins and their wives, would rent cabins or chalets for a period of time. The guys played golf while the spouses shopped at all the outlet malls that flourished in the area at the time.  We had decided that it was about time to renew the tradition.

We departed for Guntersville early Tuesday morning and returned home on Saturday.  This time we rented a six bedroom, five and a half bath, home on the lake in Guntersville.  Quite a place, but cheaper than four chalets of cabins.  The guys played golf at the state park and the ladies enjoyed their time together.  I was amazed at the devastation of the park by the tornado’s in the Spring of 2011.  How anyone survived in the campground is truly a miracle.

We had a great five days together.

Now you have probably guessed the rest of this story.  While there, the salesman called and said he had gotten the truck.  Spent most of today(Monday) cleaning out the old truck, doing the deal, swapping insurance, getting license plates and registration, etc., etc. We are leaving for the Great Mississippi River Balloon Races on Wednesday and I must have the truck ready to pull the Casita.  Getting the brake controller installed was much more difficult on the new one than it was on the old truck.  Also no shell on this one yet, so I’m trying to decide what to take with us and where to store it.  Opportunities abound.

Hopefully, I’ll have some good pictures of hot air balloons in the next post.  The forecast now is for a beautiful weekend.  We’ll see……jc


  1. Sounds like you have been real busy!

    Could you stick a picture of your new truck in between all the pretty balloons?

  2. When someone gets a new truck is one of the few times in my life that I feel a twinge of envy! :)

    So happy for you, and as Lynne said, do post a photo!

    Have a wonderful time at the balloon races! That's something I would like to experience someday!

  3. We will look forward to those photos--I love balloon races!

  4. Yes, such devastation at G-ville. Like you, I'm amazed there weren't any fatalities. I went through Boaz on the way home (we used to go up there for the shopping with my folks) but I couldn't find anything. I'm not sure what happened up there. Have a great time on your next adventure!

  5. Congratulations on your new truck.....and have a great time at the Balloon Fest...wish I could have made it this year....looking forward to those great photos...Horst


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