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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lake Chicot AR, State Park.


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Located on the shores of Lake Chicot, near Lake Village, AR; is Lake Chicot State Park.  Our destination after leaving Natchez on Monday morning.  It is a destination park, in that you have to be wanting to get there.  You won’t pass it on the way to anywhere else.  It has a great campground divided up into five different loops.  There are a total of 124 sites in six different campgrounds.  While we were there the total occupancy was approximately 15 RV’s.  Most of them in the lakeside sites.

IMG_9609 (Medium)

They had a bad thunderstorm come through the area last week and downed a number of trees, along with many limbs and such.  Luckily it happened while the campground was mostly empty and no one was injured.

Over half the trees in the park are Pecan.  Most are wild, and the ground was covered with small nuts which are delicious, but a real pain to crack and hull out.  We found a couple of trees with fairly large nuts and picked up enough for some great snacking the next few days.  Even toasted some with a dash of Tony’s this afternoon. Ummm.

Our site backed up right on the lake.  The new tow vehicle and Casita.

IMG_9601 (Medium)

we had two grand sunsets while we were there.

IMG_9570 (Medium)

IMG_9589 (Medium)

IMG_9593 (Medium)

Lots of old cypress trees and knees.  This one could have been here when Grant visited the area.

IMG_9616 (Medium)

We stumbled upon another little piece of American History.  Seems Mr. Lindbergh visited this area in his youth.

IMG_9598 (Medium)

They even placed a granite monument to honor the occasion.

                                   IMG_9599 (Medium)

We have spent the last two days just chilling out.  Resting up from the weekend.  Even Sally was enjoying napping in her chair while I cooked a few chops on the grill.

IMG_9603 (Medium)

IMG_9611 (Medium)

We’re just kicking back, watching the planes, wondering where they’re going.

IMG_9630 (Medium) IMG_9633 (Medium)

IMG_9639 (Medium)

Wherever it may be, I’ll bet they aren’t having as good a time as we are.

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Life is still Good…Smile……jc


  1. What a sunset....and Sally is such a cutie! Heard you can soak or boil those pecans and it makes them easier to clean. I'd trade cracking a huge piles of pecans for my week any day :O)

  2. Great post...can't beat those sunsets, especially with the jets....and I do like your new tow vehicle..."The Silver Bullet"...Safe Journeys my Friend(s)...Horst sends

  3. Your new truck and the Casita make a very handsome couple! Is one of those chops for Sally? Great photos.

  4. Like your truck! It looks great and so does that campground!
    Glad that you and Wanda are out there and enjoying yourself!

  5. Ah.... the sunsets over the water -- and reflecting off the contrails -- couldn't be more beautiful.

    Was fascinated by the cypress with the split trunk.

    And I love your new truck!

  6. I really like your first photo. So inviting and peaceful.

  7. Lived in AR until I was 30 years old and can't say I was ever at Lake Chicot!


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