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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Montezuma’s Castle


We were on our way to Payson, AZ from Cottonwood when we spotted a sign announcing Montezuma’s Castle National Monument.  It was near Camp Verde, AZ, and not too far off our route, so we headed out to find it.  I figured it was some ruins of some kind, but didn’t know what.  Imagine my surprise when walking down a path and seeing this up on the cliff above me.




20160604_120834_Richtone(HDR) (Medium)

Created in 1906 by President Theodore Roosevelt, it was quite a ruin to see, perched high up on the cliff face.  A twenty room apartment, inhabitated for 400 years. Sorry that I wasn’t able to spend more time there, but it was a bit warm.

20160603_125206 (Medium)

We were on our way to visit friends that have a home in Payson.  While on a hike in the national forest with them, we stumbled upon a ruin site that was being excavated.

IMG_0303 (Medium)

IMG_0305 (Medium)

I spent quite some time talking with the volunteers.  They only work the site a few weeks in the Spring and Fall.

A partial pot, along with a burned timber which appeared to be part of a doorway.

IMG_0306 (Medium)

There were pottery shards everywhere.

IMG_0313 (Medium)

The sifter.  He told me he had recovered enough of the pieces like he was holding to partially reconstruct the pot it came from.  What a puzzle that must be.

IMG_0308 (Medium)

Payson is a great little town in East Central, Arizona.  I could definitely live in the area, and spend some of my spare time digging in the dirt alongside those volunteers….jc


  1. Another great sit tat is still on the list:)

  2. It's getting a bit warm down there - time to head north, eh? If you like digging, hows about gold in the Yukon?

  3. Nice find...but 104 degrees?...you might as well be here in South Texas... I'm flying North shortly...safe travels...Horst sends

  4. Montezuma's is one of my all time favorite places--we were there late one afternoon right before closing and no one else was around.

  5. Really like Montezuma's Castle and the nearby well is also cool. I'm fascinated by archaeology and would like to join a dig. Just call me Indiana Josie. ;)


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