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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sedona, I just don’t get it.


Having read about Sedona, and Oak Creek Canyon for years, I was really looking forward to getting to see the town and experience the karma of the area.  Oak Creek Canyon was a disappointment with its overcrowding, along with its overused and abused facilities.  Sedona was also a disappointment.  It appeared to be a town that has forgotten its roots, and is now a typical tourist town.  The only difference being the price of the doodads.

Sure, the scenery was nice.  The red rock glowed in the sunlight, but nothing like Red Canyon up in Utah.

IMG_9380 (Medium)

IMG_9390 (Medium)

The only place we could find to stay was this upscale RV park.  A very nice facility with many fancy sites, as well as the normal backins that had you sitting within four feet of your neighbor. You can guess which we were able to get, and even had to move to a different site just to get a second night. 

IMG_9375 (Medium)

IMG_9374 (Medium)

IMG_9391 (Medium)

We spent two days driving and walking around the town.  Dining choices were many, and shopping oportunities were everywhere.  Just wasn’t my cup of tea….jc


  1. I recall going there once while there was a harmonica convergence or something going on. It was definitely out of this world! To me, Sedona proves that we haven't really evolved very much after all.

  2. I agree but hope you took the ride up up to Flagstaff on 89A thru Oak Creek Canyon. That makes up for Sedona.

  3. When I lived in AZ as a child, Sedona and Oak Creek were not like that (of course). Time changes all, darn it. Back then, we had Slide Rock all to ourselves and we could drive across the "crick" dragging our feet out the door as our uncle drove the car. What a shame it has become like Yosemite...a playground covered with people.

  4. I remember Oak Creek and Sedona much as Emjay said. I lived in Flag in the early 60's; yes, slide rock was all to ourselves and Sedona was just a little click in the road. Never want to go back now.

  5. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt. There are some nice hikes, but way too hot this time of year, and some boondocking south of town towards Clarksdale but also way too hot this time of year. If you need a place to crash, we can hook you up with our daughter to get keys to our place, but I'd be heading for the rim country in a heartbeat - Showlow, or higher.

  6. As I said in your previous post...not for me...I didn't stay as long as John and get my "tee-shirt"..and SDR is right there family tree is lacking "branches", IMHO...when I was there, folks where protesting...had signs that said "Stop genocide, don't support Columbus Day".....I had to have a couple glasses of wine to try to connect those dots...didn't, so I drank more wine... lol...Safe Travels Buddy...Horst sends

  7. Unfortunately, the west is being loved to death. I grew up in the Black Hills of SD in 50s and 60s. Hate going back now and seeing all the tourist traps and billboards. Vacationed in Moab every February for 10 years but this year was probably our last. Too many people leaving their trail through the world

  8. Although I love the red rock Sedona doesn't do anything for me.


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