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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Short Post


We are in Lajita’s, TX; at Maverick RV Park, along with about forty other Casita’s and one Oliver.  For those not familiar with the Oliver name,  just think of a Casita on steroids.  All the pictures I’ve taken of the park and surrounding area are on another camera and I just realized I hadn’t downloaded them.  Will try and get that done tomorrow.

Sally and I took a hike this morning from out the back of the campground.  We climbed up a few hundred feet over a mile and a half or so, to a great view of the Rio Grande and Mexico.

IMG_2629 (Medium)

IMG_2636 (Medium)

Looking upstream.

IMG_2639 (Medium)

Look closely and you can see the r v park center left.

IMG_2640 (Medium)

Even though we were up pretty high, we have plans to go up there, tomorrow.  Lajita,s peak.

IMG_2633 (Medium)

We have been to Terlingua for supper at the starlight theatre, and toured the old ghost town.  You will have to wait to see the pictures from there.

One of the highlights of the journey so far was meeting up with Teresa, Derek, and Cassia, along with best dog Rufus, of A Life Made Simple.  I have followed their blog the past few years, and find their way of traveling through the US and Mexico fascinating.

IMG_2649crop (Medium)

Hopefully we can meet again some day with more time to visit.  They were a delightful couple and Cassia was a little doll.  Rufus wasn’t bad, either.

That’s it for tonight.  More tomorrow, if I survive that six hour hike…..jc


  1. Boohoo...I'm missing it all! Just stunning views and you got to meet Teresa and crew.... You can bet I'll be SW next yr if not sooner...so happy for all of you!

  2. I think I may know the couple that is workamping at that campground.

  3. Glad to see that you are enjoying the area.....you probably need to comeback to Terlingua when they have the "Great Chili Cook-off".. ;-)
    Looking forward to your hike and photo's!...take care...enjoy yourselves...Horst sends

  4. Lucky guys you got to meet Cassia and parents in person! I too follow their blog.
    Have fun with all those fellow Casita owners!

  5. Enjoyed your photos....Have a wonderful time!

  6. What amazing views!!! Looking forward to more pics from the rally!!

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  8. Sounds like a real neat time. Those Fiberglass rigs can't be beat. Just wish they made one 30+ft long!!! So cool also to meet that couple of a Life Made Simple. They do sound like a fun couple to hang out with.


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