"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime"-MARK TWAIN

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Marathon, TX


We had a leisurely drive from Potters Creek CG to Comfort, TX this morning.  About an hour on some beautiful hill country roads.  Too winding and hilly to grab a photo, but we really enjoyed it.  We stopped in Comfort for a fill up of gasoline and coffee, then hit I-10

IMG_2593 (Medium)

There wasn’t much traffic, so you were free to drive at whatever pace felt comfortable.

IMG_2588 (Medium)

IMG_2590 (Medium)

IMG_2592 (Medium)

Our comfort range was somewhere between 65 and 70.  After a stop for lunch in a Texas rest area, we arrived at our destination of Fort Stockton around 2:30 PM.  After a short discussion, and a Wal-Mart stop, we decided to travel South to Marathon, TX.  That would leave us with only a couple of hours tomorrow to reach Lajita’s. 

Marathon is quite the place, billing itself as the place with nothing “to do”.  Considered the gateway to Big Bend National Park, it is quite the eclectic little town.  The Gage hotel and restaurant is a very unique historical establishment with fabulous dining, or so we hear.  As close as we got was the White Buffalo Bar.

IMG_2597 (Medium)

IMG_2604 (Medium)

Check your horse into the corral until you’re ready to go.

IMG_2598 (Medium)

We enjoyed a burger while watching the Saints finish with their playoff hopes.

IMG_2602 (Medium)

After a 300+ miles, today, we were glad to get back to the Casita for an early night.  Tomorrow, I hope to post from the banks of the Rio Grande…..jc


  1. If you want a nice easy hike take the gully just before the Persimmon Gap visitior center toward the east. then take the first branch to your left and follow it to the pouroff. I enjoyed. The visitor center folks might even tell you about it since it is not in most guide books. Have fun I still have about three weeks before I get there in Bibe.

  2. Sorry about your Saints. I'm in Washington right now so needless to say was rooting for the other team. :-(

  3. The White Buffalo Bar looks like a cozy, laid back place to unwind. The actual white buffalo head is a little disconcerting. :)

  4. Glad you weren't in bumper to bumper and able to hold out in the winds. Beautiful hotel! River bound...you are almost there! Have fun!

  5. We will look forward to those photos from the banks of the Rio Grande.

  6. Looking forward to the Big Bend chronicles. I drove 1-10 this time last year and couldn't believe how devoid of traffic it was. I've never seen such a deserted interstate.

  7. Great post. Looking forward to your travels.

  8. The White Buffalo restaurant looks relaxing and kinda cozy. I like the white buffalo mount on the wall...gives a totally different feel.

  9. Marathon...great little village...you still need to do Marfa, Alpine and the rest of the eclectic towns in the area...looking forward to you're posts and thoughts of BB....wish I was there...Horst sends

  10. Hi, I'm originally from Fort Stockton and follow your blog. I have a Casita too! Small world.Enjoy your travels to Big Bend, its beautiful! You must visit Alpine/Marfa they are great small towns.


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