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Friday, January 24, 2014



Snow on the magnolias when we awoke this morning.  Though it would be considered nothing in most parts of the Country, it’s reason enough for schools to close, emergency management to jump into action, and other silly events, or non-events, to take place here in the deep South.

DSC_0002.1 (Medium)

DSC_0018.1 (Medium)

A few shots around the yard this morning.  I was actually walking around, trying to get Sally off the porch for her daily morning rituals.  Didn’t work.  She just went back to the door and waited till Wanda let her back in the house.  Maybe, smarter than me.

If you look closely, you can see what the accumulation was.

DSC_0004.1 (Medium)

DSC_0010.1 (Medium)

Spider web hammock.

DSC_0011.1 (Medium)

                              DSC_0013.1 (Medium)

Goats in the woods

DSC_0017.1 (Medium)

Cold sunflower.

DSC_0020.1 (Medium)

And, of course, our feathered friends were all puffed up.  It didn’t take them long to discover the sunflower seeds I put out.

DSC_0011.11 (Medium)

DSC_0007.11 (Medium)

Just a little reminder that the weather man never knows.  Our forecasted temps in the teens didn’t happen, but it’s still cold.  Temperature outside at 11 AM is 27, and we are still having flurries.  Finally managed to entice Sally off the porch a little while ago, and Wanda is making a pot of chicken and dumplings.  Life is good, even when you’re snowbound.Smile


  1. No snow here on the refuge, but I nearly broke my neck when I took Emma for her first outs. Everything is covered in ice. She took care of her business very quickly, and we've been back inside ever since. Brrr!!

  2. GREAT photo's.....we didn't get the snow, just freezing rain...which made this part of Texas a huge "ice rink"....made a slow cooker pot roast yesterday in anticipation for today....now for some Brandy...to keep the flu at bay..haha...Horst sends

  3. Pretties even in the snow! Wish I had some of Horst brandy to warm things up ...

  4. No snow here in San Antonio either but it is frigging cold. 29 degrees at 0800 and only 38 at 2:00. Everything glazed over with ice but melted off now. I skated right off the patio last night at 10:00 but fortunately didn't break anything. Gretchen and Harley went out potty but Willy refused even when I carried him out last night but he headed out this morning. We are all cuddled in blankets today with a pot of ham and beans in the crockpot.

  5. Hey you guys, could you send us some moisture over my way; but, it only has to be in the form of rain! None of that ice and snow stuff - left that behind in Kansas.

  6. We got into the teens here but no snow or ice!!! The snow is pretty and your pics are awesome!!! I do think Sally has the right idea!! I know one day it will be spring and much much warmer....right??

  7. Ooooooohhhhhh! If it takes snow in the deep south to rate a pot of chicken and dumpings, that's a deal!!!! :)


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