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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Casitas, Lajitas, Fajitas, Margaritas, etc..


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It’s a long lonely road that leads you to Lajitas, TX.  A small village with a large resort RV park, situated between Big Bend National Park and Big Bend State Park.  Literally thousands and thousands of acres of what many would call nothing.  This past Thursday found us in our favorite spot for a week or so, looking forward to lots of fun and fellowship with fellow Casita owners.

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The first couple of day were cold and rainy, but we made do.  As soon as the sun came out it was hiking time.  Big Bend State park is larger than some states, and has very few roads.  Mostly trails for hiking and mountain biking.  A friend and I took one yesterday.

IMG_6174 (Medium)

The Fresno Divide trail takes you about four miles up to a saddle between two watersheds.  Very desolate country with little wildlife visible as we slowly made our way upward.  There were signs that some did exist, however.

IMG_6136 (Medium)

Shots along the way.  No sounds whatever.

IMG_6132 (Medium)

IMG_6134 (Medium)

The divide, looking West.

IMG_6148 (Medium)

Views to the East.

IMG_6152 (Medium)

IMG_6153 (Medium)

A man could die out here.  Thankful for hiking buddy’s.

IMG_6154 (Medium)

IMG_6158 (Medium)

Signs of man’s presence were to be found, though. I wonder how old?

IMG_6165 (Medium)

I named this the “Coon Tail” cactus.

IMG_6172 (Medium)

OBTW.  As for the fajitas, margaritas, and senoritas,  we are enjoying spending time with all of them.

IMG_3319 (Medium)

IMG_3325 (Medium)

All for now……


  1. Looks like great fun, Jerry. Especially the margarita part. :-)

  2. Wow! What fun! Enjoy a fajita and margarita for us!

  3. Looks like you are not letting the cold stop you from having a great time!

  4. Where is your favorite spot? It looks like a developed campground. I thought I knew all the campgrounds there but I do not recognize that location. I will be down there around 2-1-2015. Keep having fun.

    1. An RV park about ten miles West of Study Butte, on the highway to Presidio, right where it intersects the Rio Grande.

  5. I have never seen a cactus that looks like that. Good name.

    I have friends, Brigitta and James, that are workamping at that resort. They live fulltime in a fifth wheel. If you see either of them, say hello for me.

  6. Just starting to get caught up on the Blogs...I've been without the internet for a while...So you stopped at Seminole Canyon...my favorite place to stop before I arrive back home...the solitude lets me reflect and relax....and now you're relaxing at the "Lighthouse Theater"...what a great place.....guessing you'll be doing some Day Trips to Big Bend..I sure am envious...Happy New Year to You and Wanda, and have a Grand time...Safe Travels..Horst sends

  7. What a lot of fun itas. :)

    I definitely would want a buddy to hike with out there. It looks forbidding to my eastern eyes!

  8. Last time we were in Big Bend the cowboy had a broken ankle wearing an air cast he ordered off the internet (long story). We met some people in the campground with a Gold Wing and we were off on our motorcycle with them. That cowboy riding a motorcycle with a cast drew some stares. Big Bend, one of our favorite places in our travels.

  9. Even with a buddy you may want a good GPS and extra batteries!!! It's a BIG place 'out there'.

    Looks like a great time. We just gotta' plan for some time in TX, I've heard it said TX is a whole 'nother country!

  10. Can u email your dome rock co-ordinates? Raines100@yahoo.com


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