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Wednesday, January 21, 2015



That’s the big tent over there.  Fought our way through all that madness, yesterday.

IMG_3385 (Medium)

Found very little of interest in there.  Did buy a folding table for $18.00 which I think was a bargain.  We’ll have to see.

We much prefer the open booth, flea market type of vendors.  We try and get there early in the day, before the crowd swells.

IMG_3387 (Medium)

IMG_3402 (Medium)

If it’s something you’ve always wanted, but never found, this is the place to go.  Stuff, stuff, and more stuff; and it’s all on sale.

IMG_3388 (Medium)

IMG_3389 (Medium)

IMG_3390 (Medium)

She found a bargain.

IMG_3392 (Medium)

More stuff.

IMG_3393 (Medium)

IMG_3397 (Medium)

IMG_3396 (Medium)

IMG_3398 (Medium)

                             IMG_3399 (Medium)

IMG_3401 (Medium)

Old stuff, and new.

IMG_3404 (Medium)

IMG_3406 (Medium)

IMG_3407 (Medium)

IMG_3400 (Medium)

Pink stuff, and butterflies.

IMG_3408 (Medium)

IMG_3409 (Medium)

Only scratched the surface today.  Two hours, and it was back to the trailer.  Still four more days to shop, or not…..jc


  1. We were there yesterday AM too; fortunately, it's a short walk from here. Made out pretty good at the deep-discount grocery tent. Going back today for butterscotch frozen yogurt.

  2. I was thinking maybe you could pick me up a Elvis painting on "Velvet".. :) ....take care and enjoy!!...Horst sends

  3. Along with Horst's velvet painting, you might pick up one of those skull walking sticks for me! :D

  4. We too weren't impressed with the big tent offerings when we went to Quartzsite. It is fun to walk around, though, and we did lots of that!

  5. It is always a bit amazing to me that Quartzite caters to people who have mostly eliminated most of their "stuff" and live in motorhomes with tons of "stuff" for sale. Crazy, useless, stuff! Just amazing. I suppose now and then you find something wonderful, but it sure takes a lot of looking at stuff to find it. I wear out way too fast and want to get back to the desert or on the road. Great photos of the stuff!


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