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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Palm Canyon Trail


About half a mile up a rugged trail in Kofa Wildlife Refuge is Palm Canyon.  Thought to be the only native Palm trees in Arizona, they grow in a narrow niche about halfway up a steep mountain face.

IMG_3410 (Medium)

IMG_3416 (Medium)

IMG_3423 (Medium)

Can you see them?

IMG_3430 (Medium)

Just about the center of the picture above.

IMG_3432 (Medium)

IMG_3438 (Medium)

Thought to be remnants of groves that lived during the last ice age.  It is amazing how they have managed to live, sheltered from the blistering desert sun by the tiny side canyon.  The sun only shines on them a short time each day, and they have created their own micro climate.

The view back out the canyon to the Sonoran Desert.

IMG_3443 (Medium)

IMG_3420 (Medium)

Back at camp.

IMG_3487 (Medium)

And of course, the sunset.

IMG_6415 (Medium)

IMG_6427 (Medium)

Another good day in the desert….jc


  1. After seeing your photo'd my "Hitchitch" has kicked in full force....I am envious...looks like the perfect place to Boondock...super pair of sunset shots....I think you are going to be producing a magnificent Photo Book...Horst sends

  2. Looking through the canyon opening is spectacular!

  3. Looking through the canyon opening is spectacular!

  4. Isn't that a beautiful hike! Amazing that those trees have lived up there that long isn't it!

  5. What a great spot you picked to stay at. Not sure I could do that trail any longer though.

  6. Hard to imagine a grove of palms surviving in that high canyon. You've sure got a nice desert location. Will keep the Kofa in mind.

  7. Very neat place. Love the photos but especially the palms.


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