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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Pecos River, and the Law West OF.


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Just a few miles west of Seminole Canyon SP is the Pecos River.  Seems it was once the dividing line between the law abiding citizens to the East, and the more worldly ones on the West.  Highway 90 crosses it on a beautiful high bridge.

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It was still kind of “cool” when we stopped by.

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From the river, we made our way on to Langtry, TX.  The name of the town may ring a bell with you.  It was the home of the famous “Hanging Judge Roy Bean”, dispenser of justice West of the Pecos.

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He was quite the individual, running from the law in Mexico, as well as California, for killings he supposedly committed.  Married, had kids, divorced, then settled in isolated West Texas.  Appointed himself, then was elected, Justice of the Peace of the area for a number of years.

He was also an avid admirer of Lilly Langtry, the Jersey Lilly.  I guess you could say she was the Taylor Swift or Beyoncé of the day.  He changed the name of the town to Langtry, named the bar and pool hall the Jersey Lilly, and called his home the opera house.  He sent numerous invitations to her to visit and perform.  She did visit the town in 1904, one year after his death.

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Waiting on the poker players.

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Spectators bench.

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Building materials were in short supply when he built his home (opera house).

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An interesting stop if you are ever traveling Hwy 90, West of Del Rio.  The state of Texas also has a nice visitor center located in Langtry.  It has displays and information on all the history of the area, as well as a large cactus garden. It was too cold and windy to walk amongst cactus while we were there.

Still moving West……jc 


  1. Lv the Jersey Lilly...and better yet your comparison...what a hoot!!

  2. Wow on the water in the Pecos. Suppose the road down the sides iare covered up. See many Border Patrol vehicles?

  3. Those billiard table legs are something else!

    Too bad the judge's heart throb didn't show up until after his death. :)

    Thanks for the tour!

  4. Great pictures of Pecos! We went thru there quickly a few years ago:)

  5. What an interesting piece of history!!! I agree with Sharon...too bad his heart throb never came to see him while he was living!!!


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