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Thursday, January 22, 2015

More “Q”, but no shopping!


Took a drive around town today to see some of the sights.  First was Celia’s Garden.  The daughter of the Naked Bookseller,(yeah, look him up) Celia was the reason for the family to move from Boston to the desert.  She died at an early age and a memorial garden was created in her honor.  It now covers an acre or more with memorials to many different folks that have passed through the area.

IMG_6301 (Medium)

IMG_6303 (Medium)

IMG_6310 (Medium)

IMG_6314 (Medium)

There was a radio controlled aircraft runway nearby.

IMG_6309 (Medium)

Then to the Hi Jolly memorial.

IMG_6319 (Medium)

IMG_6317 (Medium) IMG_6320 (Medium)

Time capsule.

IMG_6321 (Medium)


IMG_6326 (Medium)

We returned to the camp, and I decided to try and hike to the top of Dome Rock.  That’s it way out there.

IMG_6349 (Medium)

There was a trail to begin with.

IMG_6330 (Medium)

But it only went up to an old mine.  From there it was rock scrambling around and upward.  I made it all the way to the mark on the photo, but could find no way to get the last hundred feet or so to the summit. Being by myself, common sense prevailed, and I slowly made my way back down to safer ground.

IMG_6347 (Medium)

A view from almost the top. The photo above was taken from the trail you can see in the bottom of the canyon.

IMG_6332 (Medium)

It’s now time for “happy hour” in the Casita Stronghold.  We’ll end with a little fire in the sky,

IMG_6300 (Medium)

and see what tomorrow brings..jc


  1. Appears like all is going well...what a magnificent sunset...they never get "old" to me....Great looking hike, I would say you reached the top...Take care, enjoy...Horst sends

  2. Thanks for the refresher on the camel experiment. I had forgotten all about it.

    What a sunset!

  3. So that's Dome Rock. Hope you are still planning on Bloggerfest tomorrow. If so, see you then!

  4. Glad all of you are having fun. I love your pictures and your hike at the Dome. Hope to see both of you soon.


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