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Monday, May 30, 2016

And, the Madness Began



A dear friend took the photo above of a sunrise in Zion.  It represents much of what people expect to see when in Zion National Park.  Beauty, quietness, awe; any number of things.

As you are reading this, hopefully we are sitting on the edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, enjoying the relative quiet one expects in a national park campground.  We escaped Zion early on Saturday morning, even as most of the campground still slept.  The Memorial Day crowd had arrived.

A picture of our campsite would have one think we were camping in paradise.


You would never expect to see the guy from Florida, enjoying his laser lights reflecting all those wonderful colors off the trees and other surrounding objects.  Or the guy from California with his dog tied to the end of a forty foot rope.  The dog charged everyone that walked by, but was stopped just short of the campground road. That’s just a couple of examples.

On Friday afternoon, traffic was backed up as far as one could see with folks trying to get into the park.  A flashing sign at the entrance was announcing “no parking available in the park” as early as ten AM that morning.

Zion is a beautiful place and everyone should be able to enjoy it.  I just don’t know how that’s going to possible for much longer.  The infrastructure can’t handle the pressure, and the idiots are taking over……jc


  1. Hopefully even a busy North Rim finds you less pressured.

  2. It's that way in any of our national parks it seems--Yellowstone is a zoo except in the dead of winter and even then some of the areas can get crowded!

  3. Don't even get me started Jerry.....I have a cardiologist this morning...though I did have a couple posts that reflected the same thoughts...."Houston...we have a Problem"...Horst sends

  4. A laser show...we had a neighbor witha crazy set up...grrrrrrr!!
    LOVE OPENING photo!!

  5. A laser show...we had a neighbor witha crazy set up...grrrrrrr!!
    LOVE OPENING photo!!

  6. Those lights are so annoying and dog owners who are so considerate sure make it harder for those of us who would never consider doing something like that.

  7. Awesome pictures, looks like a great trip. Thanks for the share.


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