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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Another Milestone


Usually we are somewhere other than home the first of May each year.  This year we had to stick around for a while, as another milestone was reached by our family.  Our one and only grandchild graduated college this past Friday.  An honor graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi.


After a great graduation day, we made preparations to leave home for a few days.  Southern utah seemed to be a good destination for a few days.  We arrived at an RV park in Blanding, Utah yesterday to meet up with some friends.  Had to drive through a horrible hail storm just South of Bluff.

IMG_0023 (Medium)

IMG_0025 (Medium)

IMG_0027 (Medium)

Thankfully, no damage.

Heading off the grid this morning for a week or so.  Will post when I can….jc

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  1. Congradulations to you and of course the "Honor Grad"....Special moments make for Super Memories!...You're in one of my favorite areas...So are we heading to Sand Island.. :)) Looking forward to following your adventure...safe travel my Friend...Horst sends


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