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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bryce/Red Canyon


After three days enjoying the area around Capitol Reef, we moved on.  Our next destination was Red Canyon.

IMG_9001 (Medium)

IMG_9003 (Medium)

Red Canyon is an area about fifteen miles West of Bryce Canyon NP that is administered by the National Forest Service.  There is a nice campground there as well as a modern visitor center.  The sights there rank with Bryce in my opinion.  These shots were taken doing a couple of hiking trails in Red Canyon.  Eye candy.  For more information you can read the blog from this time of year in 2011 and 2014

IMG_0087 (Medium)

IMG_0091 (Medium)

IMG_0092 (Medium)

IMG_9050 (Medium)

IMG_0098 (Medium)

IMG_0103 (Medium)


IMG_9056 (Medium)

IMG_9058 (Medium)

Another day we took a bus up to Rainbow Point in Bryce Canyon NP.  The highest point on the southern end of Bryce Canyon.  Views for over a hundred miles. All the following pictures were taken on that tour.

IMG_9010 (Medium)

IMG_9012 (Medium)

IMG_9017 (Medium)

IMG_9024 (Medium)

This guy seemed to make every stop we did.  Looking for a handout, but he lost out every time.

IMG_9027 (Medium)

What character do you see?

IMG_9029 (Medium)

IMG_9034 (Medium)

IMG_9039 (Medium)

IMG_9044 (Medium)

IMG_9048 (Medium)

IMG_9049 (Medium)

As mentioned earlier, there’s not much I can say about this area that I haven’t done in the past.  We seem unable to get our fill of all the beauty in Southern Utah.  I can sit in front of the trailer and stare at those red walls for hours, enjoying the everchanging colors as the light plays over it.  Hikes are numerous and look repetitive, but they aren’t.

I’ll leave you with this parting shot.

IMG_9062 (Medium)

I bet you can figure out our next destination….jc


  1. OK...I think you crossed the line....I been very gracious about your Blog Posts...even though I could be whinning about you rubbing your magnificent trip in my face....But todays post to one of my top 3 places I've visited is a real low Blow...LoL...I wll admit I'm envious but am enjoying tagging along with your adventure...The Photos are terrific as always....and I sit here staring at them it brings back some great memories... Thanks for sharing...and safe travels...Horst sends
    ps..I think I left my charcoal starter there... :))

  2. Beautiful photos of one of my favorite places (Red Canyon) - also nice to see Bryce again through your eyes, it's been awhile since I was down that way. The photo of all the Casitas is way cool. :)

  3. Stunning photos. Also like the "wagon train" at the end.

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