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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Comb Wash


We met a few other folks of like minds at Comb Wash.

IMG_8784 (Medium)

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Comb Wash parallels the West side of Comb Ridge for Thirty miles or so.  There is actually a gravel road that follows the wash all the way between hwys. 95 and 163. Wouldn’t recommend taking it all the way through without a four wheel drive, though.

Comb wash was selected as a gathering point for another rendition of the Southern Utah Tour.  If you have followed this blog very long at all, you know we love Utah and this tour.  This area is known for having an an enormous number of Anasazi ruins.  One can hike most any side canyon and find ruins of some kind.

After everyone had found a campsite, a number of us headed out in search of some.  Actually, I knew where these were from a hike in the past, and agreed to lead a part of our group there.

IMG_8795 (Medium)

After about a mile up a red rock canyon, one can look up and see these.

IMG_8798 (Medium)

IMG_8799 (Medium)

You may recognize them from a post about two years ago.  I think they are called House Afire ruins, or maybe House of fire.  Whatever it may be, it gets its name from the rock formation above.  It appears to be flames when the sun hits it in the afternoon.

IMG_8800 (Medium)

The sun was shining brightly when we arrived and five of us stayed behind after most of the group returned to their vehicles and the camp.  We wanted to see the effect, and hoped to capture it with our cameras.  As luck would have it, just as the sun reached the bottom of the ruins, a huge storm cloud formed and blocked it.  With thunder rumbling in the distance, we made a dash back down to the trailhead.  This is the best I could do.

IMG_8801 (Medium)

Wednesday morning dawned damp and dreary.  Our campsite.

IMG_0031 (Medium)

I was able to get a breakfast of bacon and eggs prepared before the rain returned.  We’re heading out shortly to see what else we can discover.  In spite of the rain…..jc


  1. Hope you have LOTS of fun. I love that area!

  2. Looking Good!!...House of Fire is a great spot...and then there are a few more ruins down the "path" a bit....Nice photo capture.....Looking forward toward your posts as I'll be followering your "tracks" this Fall...safe travels....Horst sends

  3. Yes agree, great capture of the "fire". So envy you being in such beautiful country - also.

  4. Planning to buy a Casita next year. Really enjoying your outstanding blog. Thank you for sharing your adventures, and best of everything in your future journeys.


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