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Monday, May 23, 2016

Capitol Reef


IMG_8916 (Medium)

We arrived at Capitol Reef on Thursday and wasn’t surprised to find the campground full.  Folks start arriving shortly after daylight to snag one of the few sites available each day.  In a way it was frustrating to see a number of sites which would hold three Casitas occupied by one tent, but on the other hand they got there first and paid there money for it.  Only fair. 

Not all was lost, though.  We just moved on about eight miles West to an area of BLM land.  I really liked it better.  While other folks were parking near the road I spied what appeared to be a prime location back aways. 

IMG_8917 (Medium)

Yep, that’s us from about a mile down the highway.

IMG_8919 (Medium)

Having done a number of the hikes in the area during past visits we opted for a drive through Cathedral Valley.  Almost a hundred mile loop from east of Capitol Reef Northward to twenty miles West of Torrey.  Lots of beautiful views but once again it was cloudy and photos don’t do it justice.

Right to left.  Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Moon, and Glass Mountain.

IMG_8881 (Medium)

Glass mountain was made up of lots of this, whatever it is.  Maybe quartz or mica.

IMG_8879 (Medium)

IMG_8899 (Medium)

IMG_8908 (Medium)

We made the climb out of Cathedral Valley and up into a totally Alpine enviornment with patches of snow still scatterd about.  9400 feet.  The aspen were still dorment.  See the mule deer?

IMG_8912 (Medium)

Not sure what Saturday will bring other than more crowds.  May hike the area around our campsite……..jc


  1. Aspen are so beautiful!!! Know you love it out that way, I know why!

  2. Aspen are so beautiful!!! Know you love it out that way, I know why!

  3. Another great spot. Glass Mountain is rather unique too.

  4. I'm getting more than a bit envious!!!...what a great area and Glass Mountain is another one of those magnificent "Wonders"....Take care Buddy....Horst sends


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