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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bluewater Lake State park, NM


We put in another long day as we traveled from Amarillo to just West of Grants, NM.

Another great state park just over six miles South of I-40.  There are 132 sites scattered across five different campgrounds.  Most all are developed with a table and fire ring.  14 of them have electric available.  That’s what we selected as it’s to be 36* tonight and some heat will probably feel good in the morning.

Our site.  $14.00….

DSC_1197 (Medium)

Other views from a couple of the roads in the park.

DSC_1159 (Medium)

DSC_1176 (Medium)

DSC_1186 (Medium)

Before leaving Amarillo this morning, we went on the hunt for something we’ve missed every time we’ve passed through town.  Cadillac Ranch.  Though I knew it was just off I-40 west of Amarillo, I had never spotted it.  After reading a friends post about visiting it last week, I was determined to find it.  Asked the waitress at dinner last evening.  She didn’t know, but asked her boss.  His directions were wrong.  Wanda had asked the guy in the office of the RV park.  His directions were wrong.  Seems everyone knows about it, just not where it is located.  After two failed attempts I happened to remember that I had some roadside attractions loaded in my GPS.  Opened the POI file, and there it was.  The ol’ Garmin led up right to it.

DSC_1131 (Medium)

DSC_1144 (Medium)

She always wanted to be a graffiti artist.  Cans of paint were scattered around everywhere.

DSC_1142 (Medium)

It’s amazing how thick the layers of spray paint have built up over the years.

DSC_1154 (Medium)

DSC_1148 (Medium)


DSC_1150 (Medium)

Bet he towed a Casita.

DSC_1153 (Medium)

A fun stop.  Can now say I have been there.  Amazingly a number of the original tires are still on the rims and the differentials are still operational.  Spin a wheel, and its mate turns the opposite direction.

DSC_1138 (Medium)

Someone had a sense of humor, also.

DSC_1147 (Medium)



  1. We almost missed 'The Ranch' as well .. Terri noticed it as we passed it .. she remembered reading about it in one of her many travel blogs that she reads on a daily basis ! We missed it .. then pulled off at the next exit and went back to check it out .. a Rt 66 tradition ! Safe Travels ..

    Paul & Terri

  2. What fun...guess I didn't realize you could play artist there! Sleep tight...love cool weather sleeping!

  3. My that does seem like a long day! I like the looks of the park...will look it up if we are ever out there in warm weather.
    Hope your trip continues to flow nicely. Already missin' not being on the road!

  4. Cool....glad you guys found Cadillac Ranch!!! Quite interesting...hope one day we will be in the area and we will definitely look it up (if we can find it, lol)
    Safe travels!!

  5. Those "canvases" have really blossomed since the last time I saw them eons ago! They weren't as pretty. Time to see them again. I like the supply of spray paint cans.


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